has been eating cucumber for so many years. Do you know how to choose this kind of dish? Wen Yi, a famous kitchen food expert of


, points out that cucumber can be selected from the following three aspects. First of all, the shape of cucumber should be considered. The cucumber with small head, uniform length and thickness, and short handle (that is, the root of Cucumber) is better. Don’t buy those with abnormal appearance, big belly and thick appearance. It’s not delicious. Secondly, if you look at the surface, there will be vertical lines on the surface of delicious cucumbers. Moreover, cucumber spines are small and dense, and there are no vertical lines on the surface. Cucumbers with large and sparse spines have no cucumber flavor. Finally, look at the color, cucumber color is black green, more delicious, strong taste, light color taste bad.

according to Mao Aijun, an associate researcher at the vegetable research center of Beijing Academy of agriculture and Forestry Sciences, the common cucumbers can be roughly divided into the following four categories. North China cucumber: melon body is long tube or stick shape, large and medium-sized. The peel is thin and the flesh is crisp and tender. South China cucumber: fruit shape many tube shape or short stick shape, medium and small size, pericarp is thick and hard, flesh quality is medium. It can be used for dipping in sauce. European greenhouse cucumber: melon body is short or long rod-shaped, smooth epidermis, no tumor thorn. Pickled cucumber: melon body oval, small shape, mainly used for processing canned. ▲

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