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Of all the furniture integrated in most home interiors, the bed is one of the best when it comes to built-in storage. There’s a lot of flexibility from this point of view and lots of different and suitable ways to add storage to a bed without sacrificing comfort. Under bed storage is only one of the options. There are many others to choose from so let’s have a look at a few inspiring and really clever examples. More info at



  1. Juan Carlos Beltran Alaniz May 13, 2020


  2. Patricia Hamilton Kephart May 13, 2020

    I love the black and white multipurpose step stool nightstand with a rail at 2:40!

  3. Luna Del'aroue May 13, 2020

    Details for the bed at 2:06 ?

  4. ricardo lopez May 13, 2020

    U EXPECT them to tell u where the hell they sell it but they don't nice way of advertising cuz I want that walking in closet bed

  5. Orochi C May 13, 2020

    2:06 you wouldn’t want to fall out of bed on that thing lmao

  6. Seo Tips May 13, 2020
  7. Rukia Khanom May 13, 2020

    Too much sales spiel and too little guidance on cost.

  8. Leah Gradley May 13, 2020

    Where did you get the 2nd bed

  9. lordsoth78 May 13, 2020

    is this for sale anywhere?

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