is the summer cherry market time, now there are many varieties of cherry, as many as hundreds. Chinese cherries and European sweet cherries are sold on the market: Chinese cherries are “small and exquisite”, with small size and light red color; European sweet cherries belong to “fat type”, generally larger in size and dark red in color; in addition, there are European sour cherries and hairy cherries. In general, cherry selection can follow the following five principles.

1. Generally, fruits follow a rule. The greater the temperature difference between day and night, the sweeter the fruit will be. Dark cherries are generally sweeter and lighter ones are sour. In addition, dark cherry anthocyanins content is high, help to fight free radicals in the body, resist aging.

2. Cherry with shiny skin is the healthiest, fresh and delicious. Mature and healthy cherry skin will present a natural round fruit luster. The most important thing to eat cherries is freshness. If there are wrinkles on the surface of cherry peel, it means that the fruit is dehydrated, and it may deteriorate or lack water. This kind of cherry must not be selected.

3. Cherry size is a matter of variety and has nothing to do with sweetness. In general, the flesh of large cherries is more tough, and the flesh of small cherries is relatively soft. When selecting, pay more attention to the shape of the root base of cherry. The more concave this place is, the sweeter the cherry will be.


4. Generally speaking, fresh fruits taste good, the ideal is to go directly to the cherry orchard to pick and eat. Keep in mind that the stem is an important indicator of freshness. Cherry just picked, fruit stem for green, put for a long time, it began to black, nutrition also greatly discount, not recommended to buy. High hardness. Gently pinch the cherry with your hand. If it is elastic and thick, it shows that the cherry is sweet and has enough water. On the contrary, if cherries are soft, they are too ripe. When selecting cherries, the outer skin is slightly hard, and there is another advantage, that is, during the growth process, the fruit flies can’t get into it, and they won’t leave eggs.


finally, we need to remind everyone that cherry should be delicious and appropriate. It is recommended that the daily consumption of cherry should not exceed 150g.

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