after a meal to a gum, can remove breath, can ease a lot of embarrassment. There are also some “social people” who like to chew gum to be cool. Some people chew gum because they are greedy and afraid of being fat. Some people have no purpose. They just want to move their mouths just because they are bored. They chew gum when they are free However, Xiaobian would like to tell you that a small piece of chewing gum, eating also has side effects. If you are a chewing gum lover, it is recommended that you carefully consider whether to continue this hobby after reading this article.

chewing gum will be more and more hungry

I do not know if you have found that chewing gum can inhibit appetite at the beginning, but as time goes on, chewing gum has no taste, the more you chew, the more hungry you will be, and sometimes you will have nausea! It is true that chewing gum for a long time does make people feel hungry. This kind of hunger is often very uncomfortable, because when chewing gum, you feel like you are eating something. It has sweetness and fragrance, which may stimulate the gastrointestinal reaction, such as gastric acid secretion and increase of intestinal digestive juice. Although this effect is not as obvious as eating normal food, it is not good for chewing gum for a long time. A small amount of chewing gum can protect the teeth, but frequent use can also increase the wear of teeth, which is also a test of the mandibular joint. Long term activities can cause joint damage.

chewing gum often will have masticatory muscles

don’t think chewing gum can exercise facial muscles can thin face, the effect is often counterproductive! For boys, chewing gum regularly can stimulate the development of muscles and bones in the mandibular angle, and help the face become more angular; but girls who love beauty have better moderate control, otherwise masticatory muscles are too developed, and it is easy to grow into “Chinese character face”.

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