we all know that grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C is able to reduce blood cholesterol, so grapefruit is also a good fruit for high blood pressure. Do you know what magical effects of grapefruit peel have? Let’s have a look! What is the effect of


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pomelo peel?

1, grapefruit peel boiled water treatment of pneumonia in children

after eating grapefruit, leave the skin to dry, put into the pot a few pieces of water to boil together (not too small, otherwise the efficacy will be reduced, but also not too large), water should not be too much (like decocting Chinese Medicine) after several times, pour the boiled soup into the bowl for the children to drink, drink several times will be good.


2. Pomelo “wine”,


are similar to the above method, but the skin is cut into three or four pieces into a triangle, and then each piece is carefully cut into a small hole with a knife, which is used to put the stuffing in (the stuffing is according to everyone’s taste, usually you can brew tofu). I remember that it was boiled with boiling water, soaked in cold water for a day or two, and then brewed after squeezing out the water. Just cook it again.


3. Remove the white tendons on the inner surface, dry them in a ventilated place, and then dry them in the sun. It can be put in the corner of the wardrobe or in the rice barrel to prevent mosquitoes.

4. Remove the foul smell

put grapefruit peel in the refrigerator to remove the refrigerator odor!

5. Pomelo peel bath liquid

the pomelo peel bath liquid made by ourselves not only saves money, but also keeps the skin away from the harm of artificial chemicals. The most important thing is that the beauty effect is super good.

6, fried water bubble hands, so that will not grow chilblain.

7. Beauty, the inside white part of grapefruit peel is directly pasted on the face, which can remove wrinkles and eliminate color spots. Relieve headache, dry pomelo peel, boil in water, wash your hair with warm water, and then rinse with water.

9, cough, help digestion, dry pomelo peel cut into thin silk, put into a small pot, add water to boil, drink.

10. Decontamination: put the pomelo peel into the water for about 30 minutes, pour the boiled pomelo peel water into the drainage hole, and brush away the dirt around the drain hole.

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