drink a cup of yogurt every day can not only supplement calcium, but also supplement probiotics, it can be said that many benefits, but in the cold winter drink cold yogurt on the stomach is not good, so drink yogurt in winter can be heated?

yogurt heating will kill probiotics

in winter drink yogurt can be heated? Not recommended. Because each gram of yogurt contains tens of millions of lactic acid bacteria, its health function comes from these beneficial bacteria. If heated to boiling, the bacteria will be killed and the health function of yogurt will be lost.

how to drink yogurt in winter?

if you feel that the yogurt just taken out of the refrigerator is too cold, you can put it in room temperature and drink it later. In fact, the best drinking temperature of yogurt is 10 ℃ – 12 ℃. At this time, the taste of yogurt is the best.

if you want to give children or the elderly a little hot yogurt, you can also package the yogurt and heat it in hot water at 60 ℃ – 70 ℃, so that the yogurt can be drunk after reaching 30 ℃ – 40 ℃. But it should be noted that the temperature of yogurt should not exceed 70 ℃, otherwise lactic acid bacteria will be killed.

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