eating fruit is a special happy thing to relieve the summer heat. Watermelon and peach are summer fruits. Can they be poisoned if they are mixed together?


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fresh peaches also contain abundant phenolic compounds. Different varieties of peaches have different phenolic compositions, but the main structural types include phenolic acids, flavonols, flavanols and anthocyanins. These phenolic compounds have strong antioxidant activity and are beneficial to human health.


watermelon as summer fruit, but also because of its sweet and juicy, has become the best choice of people’s summer fruit. The water content of watermelon is more than 90%, and the sugar content is also high. The sugar content in the flesh is generally 7% – 11%. In addition, watermelon also contains nutrients and chemicals needed by human body.

watermelon and peach eating together is really food mutual restraint?


according to the nutritional components of peach and watermelon, it can be seen that eating the two together will not produce the so-called food mutual restriction. It is hot in summer. Eating different kinds of fresh fruits can effectively replenish the water lost by human body, and complement the nutritional components. It is also our recommended eating method.


however, we should also pay attention to the fact that we must not overeat.

in addition, please pay attention to cleaning before eating fruit, to avoid eating unclean food leading to poisoning. Summer temperature is high, all fruits must be fresh to eat, such as watermelon, cut as soon as possible after eating, do not expose to the air for too long, to prevent eating bad food leading to health damage.


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