uncooked red wine be put in the refrigerator? Can unopened red wine be put in the refrigerator?

open red wine can be put in the refrigerator, stored in a cool place can be.


in fact, red wine is best to stand still, ventilate, keep away from light, and put on the wooden frame or cabinet obliquely. In addition, along a certain angle, it is enough to make the liquor contact with the cork to achieve the wetting effect. On the one hand, it can prevent the cork from drying and cracking due to long-term storage, resulting in the liquor volatilization quickly. On the other hand, the wet cork can slow down the air oxidation of liquor, especially the polyphenols such as tannin.


2. How to preserve

of red wine after opening After

is opened, it is best to drink the red wine within 24 hours. For the wine that has not been consumed, we suggest that you select professional vacuum bottle stopper, remove the vacuum, and put it into the wine cabinet. The temperature of the wine cabinet can be adjusted to the minimum (10-12 degrees), so that the wine can be stored for about 72 hours, and the quality remains unchanged.


can be put in the refrigerator. Many people don’t like to put the red wine after bottle opening into the refrigerator. In fact, the temperature provided by the refrigerator can delay the deterioration of the red wine after opening the bottle. Before putting it into the refrigerator, remember to put the cork back into the bottle, so that it can be stored for 2-3 weeks. 3. Avoid drinking large amounts of red wine


. Experts believe that drinking red wine should be 50-100 ml each time and not more than 250 ml per day. Experts pointed out that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol, the mortality rate is 28% lower than that of people who don’t drink at all. However, if the limit is exceeded, the death rate will not decrease but increase. Excessive drinking is not only an important cause of liver cancer and liver cirrhosis, but also an endless stream of social problems. In addition, red wine should be drunk at meals, which can prevent the absorption of alcohol by stomach and reduce the concentration of alcohol in blood by 50%.


are not suitable for drinking red wine before going to bed, and liver disease patients should pay attention not to drink alcohol. Heart protection: French researchers found that drinking 1-3 glasses of red wine a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 35%.


2, promote sleep: people who have drunk alcohol will have this feeling, and it is easier to sleep after drinking. In particular, people who are prone to insomnia feel more obvious,

3. Beauty and beauty: wine is rich in anthocyanins, which is the substance that gives wine color, which has a good antioxidant and anti-aging effect.

4. Anti atherosclerosis: wine contains an antioxidant substance resveratrol, which has the effect of antithrombotic and preventing arteriosclerosis.

5. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease: research found that people who drink moderate amount of wine at ordinary times have a lower probability of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, usually a small amount of drinking wine can prevent cerebral vascular dementia caused by arteriosclerosis. How to drink

red wine?

1. The general red wine can be drunk at room temperature (about 20 ℃), without freezing. It is better to pour it into the wine glass after opening it, and then use it after the liquor breathes air; for dry white grape, it is better to drink it after freezing (8 ~ 12 ℃).


2. The taste of


red wine is affected by temperature, so it is necessary to minimize the contact between hands and wine bottle. Hold the wine with your thumb against the bottom of the bottle and gently press the bottle with four fingertips to balance it. In this way, the palms with the highest temperature can be kept away from the bottle.

3. Pour

red wine. After a long time of storage, there will always be some precipitates at the bottom of the bottle, which will affect the taste of the wine. Therefore, the wine should be poured evenly and gently. Do not shake up the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Generally, after pouring, the wine about two centimeters high should be left at the bottom of the bottle.


4. Shake wine


shake wine can fully distribute the flavor of dry red wine which is not fully “awakened”, and make the wine more mellow. At the same time, it can also spread the aroma of red wine to the maximum extent.

5. Wine set

the ancient poem says: “grape wine luminous cup, want to drink Pipa immediately urge.” So to drink red wine, you must use a tall glass. Crystal glass is the best. Pour 1 / 4 cup of wine each time, drink it completely, and then taste it slowly. The above content of

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