cherry with bright color and sweet and sour taste has attracted many consumers to stop and buy. However, some netizens have recently posted on microblogs, wechat and other platforms that white insects will come out of cherries after they are soaked in salt water, and even published experimental photos, which deterred many people who want to taste fresh cherries.

in order to verify this rumor, our reporter bought three kinds of cherries at random in the fruit market in Beijing, and put them into brine respectively. After half an hour, no insects were found. So, what kind of cherries produce insects? Can the cherry that lives insect still eat? In this regard, “life times” reporter interviewed Zhang Kaichun, deputy director of the Forestry Fruit Tree Research Institute of Beijing Academy of agricultural and Forestry Sciences, and head of cherry research group.

Zhang Kaichun told reporters that the white insects soaked in salt water are Drosophila larvae. In rainy days or bruises, a small number of cherry fruits are cracked and rotten, and the aroma of fruit attracts Drosophila to lay eggs under the peel. These eggs hatch and grow into larvae in cherries. After soaking in salt water, the water will cause anoxic environment for the larvae of Drosophila melanogaster, and the salt will stimulate the larvae to drill out of the peel, which is the white insect seen by some netizens. In fact, in addition to cherries, watermelon, grapes and other high sugar fruits, as well as bayberry, blueberry, strawberry and other fruits, fruit flies are the favorite oviposition, this is a normal phenomenon.


cherries only need more than 40 days from flowering to maturity, which requires high temperature and humidity. Moreover, most cherry varieties have good insect resistance and generally do not use pesticides in the growth process. Only when the harvest is finished, in order to protect the leaves, do they start spraying. Therefore, cherry is a relatively safe fruit. There are only a few cherries on the market affected by Drosophila, so you can buy them at ease.


Zhang Kaichun pointed out that fruit flies are different from the houseflies that we usually see. From birth to growth, the larvae eat fruit pulp, which is not parasitic and pathogenic. In addition to making consumers feel uncomfortable psychologically, even if they really eat it, it is safe enough.


finally open spring to remind everyone that when buying cherries, it is best to choose the ones with bright color and full skin. If you are worried about insects, you can soak cherry in salt water for about half an hour before eating, but this will slightly affect its taste. ▲

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