banana is a very common fruit, some people will eat bananas in order to lose weight, some people like bananas and bananas, but some people, such as Xiaobian, I don’t like bananas any more. Because I don’t want to eat any black spots on the banana, can I still eat it? Let’s have a look! What are the effects of



banana is rich in pectin in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and make defecation smooth. Insist on eating a banana before going to bed at night can effectively relieve habitual constipation. According to traditional Chinese medicine, banana is sweet in taste and cold in nature, while cold in nature can clear away heat in the intestines and stomach. It is more suitable for the heat secret caused by heat accumulation of intestines and stomach. Banana can be eaten 1-2 hours after meal, 1-2 bananas a day is appropriate.

relieves eye discomfort

when the human body ingests too much salt, it will lead to the retention of a large amount of water in cells, causing eye redness and swelling. The potassium in banana can help the human body excrete the excess salt, balance the potassium and sodium, and relieve the discomfort symptoms of the eyes. Banana contains a lot of carotene, which can relieve eye fatigue and avoid premature aging of eyes.


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eliminate itching.

banana skin contains cannarin which can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Skin pruritus caused by foot sweat and tinea manus can be applied to the affected area to eliminate itching.

banana long spot more anticancer?


have a popular saying on the Internet that “bananas with more black spots can fight cancer”. Is this true? Although there is no theoretical basis for this conclusion, the banana with long spot is better than that without spot. Because banana long spot on behalf of its mature, it has a more moderate immune activation, more beneficial to physical and mental health.

so in our daily life, we might as well eat 1-2 bananas a day to prevent infection by improving the body’s disease resistance, especially the invasion of viruses such as colds and influenza. Although


have many advantages, we should also pay attention not to eat more bananas. We can’t eat bananas on an empty stomach. Bananas are cold in nature, and their constitution tends to be deficient and cold, such as stomach cold, deficiency cold (diarrhea, dizziness), nephritis, and people with swollen feet during pregnancy, it is better not to eat raw bananas.

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