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chest small mm not only does not wear clothes is not so sexy and charming, but also in front of boyfriends and big chest friends will be very confident, so what method can be used to breast enhancement? Breast augmentation is a good choice, but there are too many sequelae, and if you want to do it well, the price is not so cheap, and in all the star’s breast enhancement secrets, diet is the most important Oh, through food to improve their chest circumference is the best way, no side effects, protein rich content can be breast augmentation, but it will not get fat, do you want to try?


yam is a high-quality tonic of deficiency, rich in mucin. It has the function of invigorating the spleen and kidney, tonifying essence and replenishing qi. The most nutritious component of yam exists in its mucus. The mannan contained in it is a hemicellulose that can be dissolved in water. After absorbing water, it can expand 80-100 times, and it is easy to feel full. Therefore, many women regard it as a first-class “diet food” 。 The high-quality protein in yam, yam powder and yogurt are put into the cup and stirred evenly. Drinking together has a good breast enhancement effect.


according to research, soybean protein rich in soybean milk can not only provide sufficient nutrition for the human body, but also promote the excretion of excessive cholesterol, reduce the cholesterol in the blood, and promote fat burning. Soybean lecithin can inhibit the accumulation of fat and improve insomnia. In addition, some adult women are thin and have less fat accumulation in their breasts, so their breasts are not plump enough. For example, famous models like Lin Zhiling who have to diet for a long time to maintain their figure are just like this. To eat more legume food, you can supplement plant hormones, and help breast fat accumulation, breast augmentation effect.


in traditional Chinese medicine, jujube belongs to the category of Invigorating Qi medicine. It has the effect of moistening the heart and lung, relieving cough, tonifying the five zang organs and treating deficiency damage. It is very suitable to eat jujube often to improve the poor gastrointestinal function and increase physical strength when the gastrointestinal function is weak and the digestion and absorption function is poor. In addition, fresh jujube is rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, which are conducive to maintaining the shape of the chest and promoting the development of the chest.


peanut is known as “plant meat” and “meat in vegetable”. The nutritional value of peanuts is higher than that of grains, which is comparable to some animal foods such as eggs, milk and meat. People have always believed that eating high-fat food, such as peanut and peanut butter, is easy to get fat. However, research has found that eating peanuts and peanut butter often does not cause obesity, but also reduces the incidence rate of heart disease. For the flat chest MM, peanuts are a good choice. Peanut is rich in vitamin E and fat, can promote the development and improvement of the ovary, increase the mature egg cells, stimulate the secretion of estrogen, so as to promote the growth of breast tube and breast growth.


milk is rich in whey protein and calcium, these two substances are conducive to improve metabolism and promote abdominal fat combustion. In addition, milk contains more B vitamins, and vitamin B is an indispensable component of the body’s synthetic estrogen, which is conducive to breast fullness. Oat contains vitamin E can promote ovarian development and improvement, is conducive to estrogen secretion, and can stimulate breast development.

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