here refers to the word “rolling” refers to slow stewing. After the pot is boiled, it is slowly cooked with medium and small fire to keep the soup surface slightly rolling and the soup juice does not overflow, and the pot emits a “coo Doo” sound. Compared with green leafy vegetables and other ingredients, fish and tofu are indeed more resistant to cooking. From this point of view, “thousand rolls of tofu, thousands of rolls of fish” has a certain truth. First of all, in terms of nutrition, under the premise of heating no more than 120 ℃, there will be no obvious loss of protein, minerals, dietary fiber and other nutrients in fish and tofu. Secondly, after a long time of stewing, the structure of soybean protein changed from dense to loose, which was easier to digest and absorb. The protein content of fish is very rich, muscle fiber tissue is relatively soft and thin, and it shrinks after being heated, so it is not easy to taste. Therefore, the way of slow stewing with low fire can increase the delicious taste of fish. After a long time of low heat, the protein will not shrink very seriously, and the fat in the fish will not overflow too much, so it can keep the meat fresh and tender. Therefore, in terms of taste, “thousand rolls of tofu, ten thousand rolls of fish” is also reasonable. Finally, tofu and fish have peculiar smell. Fish has fishy smell, while tofu also has bean smell. Stewing can remove these peculiar smell. In addition, fish and tofu contain rich protein, which solidify and tighten after heating. The taste of the soup is difficult to enter the fish and tofu, and the fresh taste of the food is not easy to dissolve into the soup, and slow stewing over a low fire can make them more tasty. Tofu tastes more chewy. Fish soup can also fully absorb the delicious fish and nutrients, soup to drink more nutritious and delicious.


need to be reminded that “thousand rolls of tofu and 10000 rolls of fish” is just a description, not an actual unit of measurement. It does not mean that the longer the tofu and fish are cooked, the better. On the one hand, some nutrients in fish and tofu are afraid of “rolling” for a long time, such as B vitamins and soybean isoflavones in tofu. If you want to obtain these substances through food, you can choose to simply cook tofu or directly mix it; The unsaturated fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins in fish can’t stand stewing for a long time. Therefore, steaming, rinsing and boiling can be selected to maximize the retention of these nutrients. On the other hand, cooking for a long time can lead to the aging of the material and make the dishes taste hard. Therefore, in terms of time, it is generally controlled within 15 ~ 20 minutes. This kind of dish is especially suitable to use a casserole heated evenly, and pay attention not to open the fire.

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