eggs are most likely to be contaminated by Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria. In order to ensure that all Salmonella is killed, many people throw eggs into the pot and cook them for a long time. This habit is very bad.


in fact, although long-time high-temperature water boiling can play a full role in sterilization, but it also causes another problem: the increase of nutrient loss and the oxidation of fat. In particular, the loss of vitamin E, eggs cooked for a long time, not only the egg taste old, eat more choking, vitamin E will also lose about 16%. Lipid and cholesterol oxidation can produce harmful substances to health, especially the oxidation products of cholesterol, which can cause damage to vascular endothelium.

therefore, the boiled eggs must be just right, and it is better to cook them tender, taking into account the taste and nutrition. First put the eggs in cold water, boil the eggs at high temperature, then keep boiling for 3-5 minutes, turn off the fire and simmer the eggs with residual heat for a while. Generally, it takes about 8 minutes. In this way, the egg state is the most healthy, the egg white is tender, the yolk has just solidified, and it is fresh and tender without choking.


should not eat half cooked eggs. The yolk is in a “soft” state, indicating that incomplete sterilization will increase the risk of infection by Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria. Control the cooking time, the yolk is completely solidified, and there is no problem to eat. The above content of

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