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60+ Best Wooden Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas You'll Love

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  1. Myssluvlee August 22, 2010

    Worth It. I just purchased this dresser a couple of weeks ago, and I’m enjoying it so far. It was fairly easy to put together, taking my fiance’ only a few hours (including him stopping frequently for TV shows, dinner, walking the dog, etc.) and the directions were simple to follow. The finished product looks great in my room. We are only using it for undergarments and T shirts so the storage space is more than sufficient for our needs. The color is very dark, but matches the rest of my espresso furniture perfectly. Just note that this is not your average “chocolate” brown if that’s what you’re looking for. The dresser also got delivered within the given timeline, which is a plus for me. No broken, damaged, or missing pieces, delivered right to my 3rd floor door. Overall, a great buy for the price.

  2. Jake7254 October 14, 2010

    Great look and value. We just received this item through site to store option which saved on shipping right off the bat. Unit was packed well with protective foam and cardboard wrapped. Assembly was simple and took no time at all. If you received this item damaged it had to be the fault of the shipper and I would not hesitate to order a replacement. The finish and quality of the WOOD ( not pressed board) was exceptional for the price. I would purchase other products from this manufacturer.,Winsome out of WA.

  3. Da1n0nly26 March 1, 2011

    MY SON LOVES IT!!!! I got this bed today and set it up, my son saw it (with the thomas set that I bought from target) and loved it so much that he put himself to bed.

    Over all I really like the bed, it looks like the picture. There are no real surprises, the twin mattress I bought is a little small for the bed but I don’t know if that is because I bought a small mattress or if it is supposed to fit like that.

    I put it together by myself as my husband is not the handiest (sp?) person and someone had to keep my son who is 4 busy while I got it together and keep him out of the room for the big surprise in the end. It took me about 2 hours by myself so with two people it might take less time if you are really handy like myself. I didn’t have much trouble with the holes lining up (being flush), everything was marked right, everything I needed was in the box. I do want to mention that “K” box wasn’t clearly marked on the outside and had I not really paid attention and thrown the box away before I was finished I would have lost parts. There are some parts in a box that they don’t mark with the letter on the outside, you have to read the instructions and check the boxes so you don’t miss pieces.

    The bed completed is very nice and shipped quickly, shipping prices were reasonable, the box is heavy about 65lbs so if you have alot of steps you will need help. You should put it together in the room where it will be.

    All in all I would recommend this bed because for the price it is a great bed, it seems like it will last for awhile. Since I have only owned it for a few hours I don’t know but so far so good. I love it, my husband loves it and my son loves it.

  4. BorItaliana March 8, 2011

    Love it! I bought this for my 2 year olds bed room. I was kind of worried after ordering it being as though I found my self reading all of the BAD reviews AFTER I purchased it but I am definitely glad I bought it! I am so happy with the way his room turned out and every one seems to love the way it! I definitely would recommend the south shore product line for any room.

  5. rilltrill March 18, 2011

    Decent. I bought this dresser because I wanted a fairly inexpensive white dresser for my bedroom. It is about what I anticipated with MDF pieces and pretty standard assembly.

    But let me tell you–this box was crazy heavy to get up my stairs. The box itself was pretty torn up when it arrived, but thankfully the pieces themselves weren’t damaged.

    When I got the pieces out to assemble, I was pretty overwhelmed. I mean I have put together my fair share of furniture, but the sheer number of tiny pieces–oh my.

    Let me give you some advice if you buy this–There will come a point during construction when you ask yourself, “Dear lord am I supposed to be able to screw through PLASTIC dowels??”


    I had to call customer support to confirm that after struggling for 2 days. Then I didn’t have enough screws to attach the handles. So I called customer support back and am having them send me more. Attaching the drawer front to the sides is also pretty tricky–the pre-drilled holes don’t really line up very well. I don’t think there’s really a way around this. I’ve considered getting some wood glue to secure them as I’m not totally confident that my best efforts were good enough.

    Overall, it looks pretty good. The plastic runners work just fine. And despite my skepticism that the thick cardboard bottoms to the drawers would be sturdy enough, they seem to be doing alright once the drawer was completed.

  6. TheMarie August 5, 2011

    What a surprise! I purchased this mattress after buying a new bed. I was nervous about it, thinking that I would hate it. Turns out, I loved it! It quickly took shape after I took it out of the box and unrolled it, and I slept on it that same night with no problems! You can’t even tell that it came from a box. I do recommend getting a mattress pad, though, because sometimes if you turn over, you can feel the springs moving.

  7. Rumpoint February 5, 2012

    If You’re Looking For Comfort. I have a day bed frame and was looking for comfortable mattresses to use on them. I read the reviews and was impressed. It is true these mattresses are so comfortable. My day bed has a pop-up trundle bed that folds under it. The mattresses were bought for my guest room so that I can use it as a studio couch in my office on a daily basis and when I have guests it opens into a king sized bed. I had to test them out to make sure they were good enough for my guest, and they are. I slept like a baby.
    Thanks Walmart

  8. Humaaqeel November 15, 2012

    Great Bed for this price range. Its a overall very nice bed. Box for mattress is a must have thing. If you plan to put mattress without box, then you’ll have to buy custom 7pcs of 60.5″ 1×4 Wood Railings. Choose best wood from Lowes, and they will also cut them for you.

  9. pd434119 November 30, 2012

    everything about this bed frame is good including, delivery, instruction paper, color of the faux leather. except the small little tiny wood to support the box spring and the mattress in the bottom, i do not think it can be held more than 200 lb. it’s good for 1 person who has that weight. if more than that, you will break it. it looks so..so delicate. i fix it by adding more 4 ply-woods and 4 sticks (that what i called) in the bottom. good price but not the good quality.

  10. MzJmack December 3, 2012

    Very Stylish and Great Value. I absolutely LOVE my bed!! It was SUPER easy to assemble and looks great. I’ve received several compliments on how stylish it looks. I purchased the 8″ Sensations Memory Foam Mattress and a box spring with made the bed set high from the floor. I now look forward to going to bed in my new bed!

  11. SavvyChic December 18, 2012

    Don’t Sleep on this SAVINGS! Gr8 deal 4 the price! I was very skeptical even with the good reviews but we ordered this to go in my daughter’s (5 yr old) room for her daybed. It’s not too low and not too high of a mattress and is just right. So far my mom and my husband have slept in her bed, so it holds up for adults too. Couldn’t be more thrilled that we paid $150 for a decent new mattress. It’s surprising how it inflates IMMEDIATELY after you take it out of the box and wrapping. Who knew, this would work out like it did…we are way beyond happy with this purchase, so “don’t sleep on this savings”! 🙂

  12. OliviasMommy January 24, 2013

    This bed is terrific for the $. I’m a 37 y/o female who single handedly put this together. It arrived promptly at my doorstep in two easy to move boxes (both in good condition). Once I opened the box I noticed the # of pieces was minimal (that’s awesome!)… The directions were easy to follow and I had the bed put together in less than an hour. I adore the look and love the added height it gives me over a traditional bed frame. The bed is very sturdy and I love the soft sides around the base incase I’m running around in the dark :o) Really good deal overall… I give this one 2 thumbs up!

  13. livinglovinglaughing February 25, 2013

    Bought is for my son, great buy! Boy, we had gone through the ringer in the purchase of this bed. When we received the bed the first time it was damaged, there was red paint on it, poles were bent, it was a mess. We returned it to the store and had the purchase price refunded. We contacted online customer service and they refunded the shipping cost and then told us to reorder the bed with expedited delivery, once the order was placed to call again and they would credit the charge for the expedited shipping back to us, so that is what we did. Then the bed was delivered to the wrong home (similar addresses, always happens, we return their packages that we receive but believe they keep ours) so we had to go to that house, take the bed off their porch, and bring it home. When we got it upstairs, the instruction manual was not in the box! After researching we found the manufacturer’s info and contacted them, they e-mailed us the instructions and we were able to get the bed together pretty quickly and easily. The bed looks great, good quality, and great price. Despite all of the trouble we had to go through, I am glad we actually made this purchase. I am impressed with the quality and appearance of the bed, and you really cannot beat the price! Looks great!

  14. Shane21671 April 26, 2013

    Great for the money. These are great for the money. I bought them to stage my house for sale. The top, front, back, and side rails at top and bottom are solid wood. The side panels, are cardboard, but you’d not know by looking at it..they did a great job matching the wood. My only real complaint is the finish on the wood. There were a couple of minor scratches. I think if they applied a little more clear coat, that would make all the difference. I actually like them so much that after I move, I plan to put another coat of clear over the wood pieces. There were also a couple of the predrilled screw holes, that were drilled slightly too large. Using a somewhat larger diameter screw from my stash took care of that. Though it may sound like I am disappointed, I really am happy with them. I do think they could easily make some minor improvements in the manufacturing though. I like them so much, I recommended them to my nephew who also got a set and also loves them.

  15. Nerdluck May 13, 2013

    Great Purchase. The bed is really easy to move around since it is compacted into such a small box. It inflated very quickly. As soon as I took it out of the box and unrolled it, it immediately started expanding to its original size. The bed is very comfortable and there is no weird smell or anything like that. It’s an excellent purchase considering how inexpensive the bed is. I’m extremely satisfied with the bed. “Bed in a box” sounded pretty sketchy to me but its totally fine after you take it out and let it expand.

  16. FrugalHomeDecorator June 13, 2013

    Great Value- Perfect with a Bunk Board. I ordered this for a guest bedroom in our home. As other reviewers have noted, this bed is not to be used without a box spring. If you don’t use a box spring your mattress will sink between the slats. However, with a 15″ mattress, I found a standard box spring to put the mattress too high up on the headboard. The same with a low profile 4-5″ box spring. After speaking with staff at the mattress store, I found a solution in using a queen size bunk board, sometimes called a “bunky board”. The Bunk board is about 2.5″ in height and provided a perfect base for the mattress while also being low profile inside the bed frame. With the bunk board and a 15″ mattress, it put the top of the mattress perfectly right at the bottom of the headboard. Of course, if your mattress is less thick, than a low profile box spring may work better.
    Overall, I’m pleased with the purchase. Both boxes arrived at my local Walmart in a timely fashion and there was absolutely no damage to items inside. The bed appears to be much more expensive than $199 and it feels strong and sturdy.

  17. KalisMommy28 July 14, 2013

    Perfect Espresso Match to brand name furniture. I ordered these to use as night tables in my Master Bedroom. We had previously purchased an Espresso finish bed and TV Stand from a different store. These matched perfectly with them. They actually look as though they came together as a set. My Mother-in-law thought they did. Well made and perfect enough for what they are intended for, for a MUCH cheaper price tag. The ones that were made to go with the bedroom set would have been $229 EACH. I put these (I ordered the pair) together by myself in roughly 45 minutes at the most.

  18. Bigness October 21, 2013

    Sturdy, easy to set up, looks great. Nice bed frame – it looks GREAT when finished. Feels pretty sturdy. As many have said, this is NOT a platform bed – you need a box spring/foundation for it (or a cut a sheet of plywood to fit).

    There is a bag of screws in with the headboard that are easy to miss if you don’t look for it. Why they weren’t included with the rest is beyond me.

    Putting it together was pretty easy – it took me about 45 minutes or so (and that included tearing apart the old bed and putting the mattress and sheets back on when finished)

    A couple things I noticed:

    1) make sure you tighten the screws TIGHT that hold the legs on the headboard – this will help with #3
    2) loosen the bolts for the sidebars before trying to connect to footboard & headboard
    3) make sure it’s square when you put it together otherwise the side rails will barely fit and the slats won’t fit
    4) make sure you screw the slats in, don’t just lay them on the rails
    4) if you have to move it, be careful or you’ll twist the rails – I suggest keeping the box spring on it to keep it sturdy when you move it.

  19. Robb00 January 18, 2014

    Easy to carry mattress. This mattress is easy to carry if you need to pick it up at the store. It comes in a box that although it does not fit into the trunk of the average car, it will fit nicely into a minivan without even removing the seats. Once you get it, gather the family around the bedroom, and let them watch the show as it comes out of the box rolled up like a tamale and becomes a full fledge mattress. A good mattress. I recommend it.

  20. Yimbrita January 19, 2014

    College student with juvenile arthritis. So when I was 13 I bought a bunk bed, my parents kept saying “when you turn 18 you’re not gonna want it” and when I graduated high school and started college, I did not want it. I developed arthritis due to 14 years of ballet in hips and knees, so getting out of bed was painful but my good mattress was on the top, the bottom was a full that wasn’t too comfortable, I saw this bed, and since I’m a college student on a budget I decided to get it, my thick mattress adds height which makes it perfect, but I can easily get out of bed without too much pain, it’s simple and with a mature bed set, it looks great! AWESOME price the product is really complete bringing the frame headboard and no need for a box spring which makes the cost of the entire bed, REALLY cheap. Easy to assemble too. My room doesn’t look like that of a 13 year old anymore.

  21. MrsDelgado January 26, 2014

    Great for your buck !!!! i was lacking on furniture in my bedroom and thanks to my mother for getting me these for my birthday. I absolutely LOVE these nightstands, I chose the white ones, they look well painted. but I have two pros about these nightstands that arent really a big deal for me. one; the drawer on top runs on its own wood. it does not have the sliding wheels. so the draw does come off if you pull the draw all the way out but thats easy to manage. two; the cut out frame around the handle of the draw isnt a smooth cut out. Its straight but not smooth. other then that its really nice and sturdy and looks great !!!!! Thanks mom :]

  22. MsRoyalOne February 7, 2014

    Beautiful Bed! This is one purchase I can honestly say I’m happy that I made. I had a nice sleigh bed that was damaged by a contractor sent to repair the air conditioning unit. After putting it off for a good while, I finally decided to purchase a new bed.

    It took about an hour to put the bed together and it’s easy to put together by yourself. Hex keys are included, but you will also need a Phillips head screwdriver. The faux leather looks great and feels good; it’s soft, not as soft as genuine leather of course, but not hard like plastic either. As several people have mentioned, this is a standard bed with a headboard and footboard. It is NOT a platform bed so you will need a boxspring along with a mattress.

    Again, I am very satisfied with my purchase!

  23. BreeJax12 February 27, 2014

    Great bed as long as it’s just there to look at… We bought this bed online & were so excited to get it & set it up. We bought a king size & as it is a platform bed, no box spring is needed. Bed was easy to put together. I am a 35yr old woman & put it together by myself in about 45 minutes. Everything was great for 2 days then BAM! One of the slats that they provide (5 for a king size) snapped in half at the end of the bed. Went to lift up the mattress to see what was going on & another slat broke! The 5 slats that they provided are so thin, (reminds me of kindling) & apparently break easily. I ended up having to go & buy (7) 1×4’s & have them cut down to 76.5″ I took the remaining 3 slats that they provided to give extra reinforcement to the sides (2 of them) & the last one I put in the middle of the frame. Now that makes (7) 1×4’s & 1 slat from the manufacturer. I had to buy the extra lumber, as well as stronger screws & put in about 3 hours of work just to get the bed sturdy enough to where I am not terrified to sleep in it. I’m still nervous, but not terrified. I am in no way “too heavy” for this bed & there is only 1 person sleeping in this bed at a time due to my husband’s work schedule. There is absolutely no reason this should have happened. If my heart was not so set on this particular bed set, I would have packed it up & shipped it right back. I am however very disappointed in the quality of the bed & will not be making any other furniture.large item purchases from Walmart again. I would rather pay the higher price & get a good quality item than to save a couple bucks & have an item that is basically useless. This was a hard lesson to learn but I will never make that mistake again! My advice: if you definitely want THIS bed, go & purchase extra slats in advance. If more than 1 person will be sleeping in the bed, you may want to add even more slats. Good luck & think twice about this bed!

  24. CubFan12 March 7, 2014

    Great for the price. Overall I think it is a good mattress. It did have a slight odor but nothing offensive and it eventually went away. The pillow top wasn’t impressive, but did get better as it aired out. The mattress is in a guest room and the occupants have said it was comfortable and slept fine. Couldn’t say about how well it holds up. For the price it was a good deal.

  25. MommyNikita March 10, 2014

    Amazing for a child. We got this bed for our 8 yr old son. It’s very nice looking, low and sturdy. The price is unbelievable for such an extremely good bed frame- spending more isn’t always the better option. Pictures do this bed no justice. The quality is beyond expectation. I recommend this bed, not only because of the price, but it’s very solid. It took my husband about an hour to set up. He only asked for my help to carry it to its permanent space once it was complete.

  26. mljb March 21, 2014

    Nice looking bed. March 2014. We purchased this bed for our 2 year-old son for his transition from the crib. The directions were easy to follow. The bed came in the day after I ordered it. There are a lot of pieces to put together, but the bed was put together in a reasonable amount of time. I am pleased with this purchase. It is low to the ground in case there are any accidental rolls. It is sturdy and holds my weight as well as my husband’s if we lie in bed next to our son. There is a gap of space from where the mattress doesn’t fit the frame perfectly. We ordered a twin bed and a twin mattress from Wal-Mart’s website. The bed’s frame is a little too large for the mattress, but that is my only complaint so far about the bed.

  27. T123 April 13, 2014

    Perfect!! I purchased this for a guest bed in our office.It looks sleek and modern. Love the fact you don’t need a box spring. I purchased a trundle bed and its on casters and fit under it perfect!! Now I have 2 beds for guest.We have a very small home. So easy to put together,even while my kitten tried to help,it still was easy!! Great price,great look! I purchased the black color. No Cons!!

  28. Guess6968 May 28, 2014

    Great Product. We bought this dresser for our 15 year olds bedroom and for the price we weren’t really sure.. Boy were we wrong.. This was super easy to assemble and it I think it took us about 45 minutes total. She’s extremely happy with it and the way it looks. I highly recommend this product.

  29. SWEETLEONE8 June 2, 2014

    ~ Love This Mattress Wouldn’t Buy Any Other ~. I suffer from fibromyalgia which often leaves me in a great deal of pain. In the past I have purchased more expensive mattresses to find them in worse condition as well as providing no relief. In the past I purchased the twin size mattress which we still have and instantly fell in love. The softness and the comfort is AMAZING! Especially for the price you can’t beat it! Now, if your expecting to get a $10,000 mattress for this price or top of the line try else where this is NOT the mattress for you but if your expecting to get a fairly decent mattress that is comfortable for a great price than look no further! Most people including myself seem amazed at how the mattress unfolds out of the box and starts to slowly rise to it’s proper position. It does take time to fully erect to it’s correct size I believe it’s 48 hrs but it usually rises faster than that. Now if you purchase you MUST be careful when taking it out of the box and removing the tape as not to cut the mattress. The only complaint I have is that I ordered it online @ walmart and the box arrived pretty beat up! Other than that LOVE LOVE LOVE this mattress! Gr8 buy for the price!

  30. Carmarcap June 25, 2014

    Perfect size and great quality for a low price. I love my pair of nightstands. They are simple, yet look very elegant in my room. Very easy to construct, considering I did not realize I would be building them. Highly recommend this nightstand.

  31. Wiseblue July 13, 2014

    3 Plus years and Great customer service. I purchased this mattress in August of 2011 and paid $209 for the queen size plus $70 shipping as free shipping was not available on the item at the time (hence my 4/5 rating on value, seeing as it would be around $100 cheaper now then when I originally purchased the item).

    The mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have had and I received major compliments on the cloud like feel. I was a bit apprehensive to order a mattress-in-a-box and was definitely hard to explain it to friends and family that the bed literally inflated upon arrival.

    In or around December of 2013 I too began to experience the sinking in the mattress. After months of uncomfortable rest I was tempted to buy a new mattress. I was going to buy the same exact mattress because I did really like it. A few months later I decided to do some research and contact customer service and I saw it had a 10 year warranty on the item. Walmart’s customer service was able to get me the contact for the manufacturer’s customer service.

    I received rapid response from the customer service rep via email after explaining my issue. I had to submit my invoice, pictures of the bed and pictures of the tag on the bed (do not rip or cut off this as it is needed for warranty issues). The same day I submitted my document via email they sent me out a replacement mattress for free. Now I have a brand new mattress!.

    Now obviously some would be annoyed at the sinking that happened regardless of if they got a replacement but I definitely think for the price and customer service I received this mattress deserves the rating I gave it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and have even told my friends and family about the great customer service.

  32. Raquel09 September 24, 2014

    Great for the price. I purchased the bed for my 3 year old son, along with the matching night stands and tv stand, and I am very pleased with the products. The bed is awesome! The dark color matches any theme, ours in particular (ninja turtle). The corners are sharp, which was the only downfall. I’ll have to look into corner pieces for safety. Other than that, great product for the money!! The set up was long but super easy. Definitely recommend.

  33. ChennaC October 3, 2014

    Not to happy with this bed with missing screws. The bed is nice. I like the bed. It is good quality for the price. I am not to happy about the manufacturer not providing enough screws to screw the middle bed base boards in place. I had to go to Home Depot to buy some screws that really did fit the base board hole size to make sure the base board was secure. I gave a low rating because screw parts were missing and I had to spend more money to fix the problem.

  34. 12momtotwo14 October 25, 2014

    My son loves it! We bought this twin bed in black for our 2 year old son. He is sleeping so well in it and absolutely loves it! My husband and I have sat on it with him and it holds up well.

  35. CherylL453 December 28, 2014

    Great bed at a great price. I was more than a little concerned to buy a bed sight unseen (the online pics are terrible), but the look of this bed far exceeded our expectations. My husband and I absolutely LOVE the look of it- expensive, modern, and comfortable. It was very simple to set up; the directions were good and there were few pieces to deal with. I think it took us less than half an hour, and it could have been a one person job. Based on other reviews, we were prepared to purchase some lumber to use as slats for the bed base. This was definitely necessary. I can’t believe the other reviewers who said they used the five or six slats that came with it, didn’t add more, and then were surprised when it didn’t hold up. We spent $10 at Home Depot and about five minutes with a hacksaw to add 8 more slats. My husband did say that it might be better to buy a higher quality lumber for the slats for long term, but so far our cheapies are holding up well. We have a 14″ memory foam mattress with no box springs and it fits perfectly under the headboard.

  36. ksjch September 2, 2015

    Best sleep in years!!! My whole life I have been sleeping on the old – timey spring mattress, but when I had an opportunity to try and review this Modern Sleep 12” Ventilated Cool gel memory foam mattress I decided that it was time for a change and it’s time to provide my back and body the support that it needs and requires. This mattress came compressed in a box which was about 4.5′ tall and bout a foot in width. The unpacking experience was hassle free, the only thing i had to do is pull the mattress out of the box and carefully remove a plastic wrap around the mattress with scissors. Upon cutting through the plastic wrap I could immediately see how fast this mattress was regaining its full original shape, it was literally a matter of the seconds before it got completely blown up! I am a woman and did not have any help with me at the time, so dragging this beast on top of my bed was definitely a bit of a challenge, as this mattress (in queen size) is 95lbs in weight! So yes, the hardest thing was pulling the mattress on top of the bed platform and turning it over, as when it comes compressed and rolled in a roll it is actually rolled backwards, so while unrolling it you might be a little bit challenged with turning this thing over on its bottom side. That was pretty much the hardest thing for me to do by myself while unpacking this product and getting it on top of my bed where it belongs! 🙂 I immediately noticed while taking the plastic off that in fact this mattress comes with a mattress cover which can be easily removed and washed whenever necessary, it comes with a zipper so it is very easy to be removed and dry cleaned or washed when needed, I absolutely love that feature, because in case of a spill or even normal long time day to day use I am guessing it will get stained and the fact that I can remove the cover and wash it puts a smile on my face! 🙂 If you unzip the mattress cover you can actually see what this mattress is made from: it has got 3” Cool Gel memory foam layer ( which is so soft ), 3” Gel supportive layer and the rest 6” is a High density foam for the base support. When buying this mattress just make sure that you have a proper platform for it, do not put it on a regular coiled box spring foundation, as it may cause sagging and prevent this mattress from doing its job. This mattress does come with 25 year limited warranty and also includes an instruction sheet inside of the box, which can help you out with instructions on what are the best ways to care about this product. As much as I was excited about trying my new mattress out and finally getting a comfortable night sleep, I had to allow at least 24 hours for it to regain its full shape, as it does come in a tight roll and it requires some time to fluff back up. After the first 24 hours were over this mattress completely reached its full 12” of thickness, and now measured 60” in width, 80” in length and exactly 12” in height. My first night sleeping on this mattress was by far the most comfortable and restful night that I have truly had in years! Not only this mattress provides the best body support ever, it actually feels as if it hugs every part of your body while sleeping, it contours to every curve in your body which helps to relieve all the pressure points and properly support your hips and spine! Frankly speaking the next morning I did not want to get out of my bed as sleeping on this mattress made me realize how much I was missing out on a comfortable good night sleep for so many years! The top layer of the mattress which is Cool Gel memory foam actually does keep the body cool to my surprise, it does not collect and keep all the body heat which makes it so much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep without getting hot and without constant tossing and turning the whole night long! The other feature that really impressed me was that when two people sleep on the mattress and one for some reason can’t fall asleep or just gets up in the middle of the night, the other person can’t actually feel a thing! This mattress does not move at all if the other person is turning over or getting up, which is pretty great feature as sleeping on a regular spring mattress I would always wake up from my partner turning over or having to get up in the middle of the night, but not any longer, now I don’t have to worry about waking up or get my partner woken up because of a simple movement of my body. This mattress totally “blocks” the feel of any movement! I LOVE that! I love this mattress, it gave me the best most comfortable, pain free great night rest in years! I researched the web in order to find out which mattress is really the best one for your body and what I found actually did not surprise me at all, and I quote: ” Spring mattresses should of being discontinued way back in the 80’s! The springs do not give the body a support that it requires, as they do nothing but actually pushing your body back up instead of relieving all the pressure points, they push them back up which makes your spine change the position as well, which gives your body constant aches and backaches”! So yes, after reading that statement it was not a doubt in my mind that Memory foam foam mattress is the best choice one can make, and my fist night sleep on it definitely showed to prove that my old spring mattress was no comparison to this Gel memory foam one! Unfortunately starting this winter I will no longer be able to use my electric blanket as it is not recommended to use electric blanket or electric pad with this mattress as the heat may damage the mattress and impact its ability to reduce pressure! But other than that I absolutely love this mattress and had the best experience using it, and i will definitely never go back to using ANY kind of a spring mattress. I highly recommend it to all the shoppers, there are so many mattresses to choose from on the market, but some of them cost a horrific price up to $1000 or more!!! This mattress costs a third of that and trust me it sleeps absolutely amazing! It does not give any backaches and gives you a wonderful and comfortable all night rest for the fraction of the price!

  37. Lexingtongranny September 2, 2015

    Very Good Quality Firm Support Mattress. What you get:
    Mattress and removable cover
    Care Instructions
    25 yr. limited warranty

    This is a heavy mattress. My queen size weighs 42 KG (Kilograms) which equals 92 pounds and 9.5065 ounces. I was fortunate that my husband was home when it was delivered.
    The mattress comes compressed and machine rolled for efficient delivery.
    After removing the box and the 2 plastic covers you’ll hear something like air escaping. This is just the mattress decompressing. It doesn’t take long.
    The manufacturer suggests laying it out flat for at least 24 to 72 hours for the mattress to regain its shape. Mine only took a few minutes.
    After allowing it to set for 2 days I decided it was time to try it out. I slept on it with the mattress on the floor. Results may have been different using a bed frame.
    I would consider this a firm support mattress. I didn’t sink down into it much and I’m close to 170 lbs. It is sturdy and comfortable, not “sink down” plush.
    As far as the cool gel feature pulling the heat away, it seemed to keep me comfortable through the night.
    It comes with a removable zippered cover which is also machine washable. The top is a soft, lightly padded fabric and the sides are a charcoal colored canvas. The zipper is located on the bottom of the cover.
    I unzipped part of the cover to take a look at the mattress inside and it is encased in another cover which is sewn together over the mattress and is not removable.
    If you want to remove the zippered cover to wash you may need help as this mattress fits in the cover fairly tight. I don’t think it would be very easy to get the mattress back in without some help.
    The manufacturer suggest drying on the lowest setting then taking it out to “air dry” once it’s barely dry. I would definitely follow this suggestion. You can’t afford shrinkage on a cover that fits so tightly.
    I wanted to know if the bed skirt shown in the photo around the bottom of the bed frame was available, so I called the company and they told me that the bed skirt was only used for the photo shoot and is not available. So the skirt does NOT come with the mattress, just the zippered mattress cover shown and it is not for sale as an accessory. That’s too bad because I would have purchased it separately.

    Over all this is a very good, quality made, firm support mattress and I think you’ll be pleased.

  38. Marciara September 7, 2015

    Cooling gel for summers with memory foam comfort! I used to think that you had to spend upwards of $1500, and even more, for a great mattress in order to get that coveted good night’s sleep. It is incredible how technology has been such a game-changer in terms of memory foam and cooling gel that it would seem you no longer have to spend thousands to get a good night’s sleep.

    This Modern Sleep 12″ gel-infused memory foam mattress provides body-contouring memory foam to help alleviate pressure points when you are resting and also helps to properly align your spine. The top layer of gel foam in this mattress is ventilated, which helps keep the mattress cooler as it draws heat away from the body. When the mattress arrives at your home, it arrives compressed, so when you remove it from the packaging, be sure to place it in a space so that it has room to expand rapidly once opened.

    I would definitely rotate this mattress after using it a few months to prevent permanent indentations just like any other mattress, but by design, it apparently is not one you would flip since the bottom of the mattress is different from the top material-wise. You may also note a “chemical” smell when you first set up your mattress, but I am sure this will disappear. I have had this mattress opened for 2 or 3 days, and the “odd” smell is mostly gone. I also experienced a similar smell with the mattress topper on my other bed, and after a week or so, the smell was completely gone.

    The mattress foundation I ordered for this mattress has not yet arrived, so I just tried my new mattress out on the floor. I never take naps on the week-end; however, once I laid down on this mattress, I must have fallen asleep in less than 5 minutes! The mattress is plush, yet firm, providing great support for the back. Even my husband, who had back surgery several years ago, commented how nice and supportive it feels.

    It is also really hot where I live, so the fact that the gel helps keep one cool is a huge plus in humid, 95 degree weather. One of the things I was afraid of is that anything that has memory foam can have such “great memory” that it creates indentations, so that when you turn over from your back to your side, you fall into a hole because the memory foam didn’t spring back fast enough. Thankfully, this mattress does not do that, and I suspect it has something to do with the construction of the mattress itself, with the gel combined with foam for the first 6 inches and memory foam on the bottom 6 inches.

    I have considered many times adding a second bed to our home, just for those sleepless nights when I need my iPad to distract me back to sleep, but didn’t want to wake my husband – and now I finally have what I need. I cannot wait until my mattress platform arrives to see what it feels like to be up on a platform – and I don’t have to worry about the bottom of the mattress getting dirty. (The platform would also have made for better pictures!) Plus, having the mattress up on a platform allows the bed to breathe, which preserves your health, as well as the health of the mattress.

    I think this Modern Sleep 12″ gel-infused memory foam mattress is a wonderful mattress, offering amazing, cooling gel for those hot summers with memory foam comfort, great support for my back and my tired muscles on my weight-lifting days – and who knew you could have such comfort for less than $400!! And a 25 year warranty – that’s tough to beat!

  39. Bluest September 7, 2015

    LIFE IS SHORT: BE COOL AND SLEEP WELL! My first memory foam mattress was purchased just 3 years ago and was a: “Comfort Dreams Select-A-Firmness 11-inch Queen-size Memory Foam Mattress” for about $400 bucks. I chose SOFT as the firmness but it wasn’t so soft. The whole time I slept on it, it seemed to retain too much of my body heat. It just wasn’t working out for me. Because of this, I started looking for a gel overlay, but the prices at that time were too high so I just dealt with the retained heat within the mattress. I tossed and turned many nights and never really got a good night’s sleep. To boot, I am a middle-aged female with the whole night sweats events. I prayed that someday I could replace my mattress with Cool Gel technology. Recently, Walmart offered me this Modern Sleep Queen Cool Gel bed to product test and I was more than willing to give it a try. I have slept on it now for about a week and the difference between my former 3-year old memory foam mattress and this new one is amazing, even beginning on the very first night! Apparently, the technology has changed for the better.

    I can honestly say, in comparison with my former memory foam mattress, this Modern Sleep mattress is a wonderful improvement! It’s more plush and whisks away, I would say, 90% more of my body heat than my former bed. I am very impressed to say the least. I sleep in an environment that does not have air conditioning so I feel I really put this mattress to the test. I sleep more comfortably and longer than I had been sleeping on my former memory foam mattress. I give this mattress 5 thumbs up for comfort and packing.

    The mattress comes rolled up and compressed, very much like Pillsbury dough, boxed, and easy to transport. The box weighs about 92 pounds but it really doesn’t seem like it; I moved it completely on my own. I had mine delivered to my post office box, brought my truck around back to the USPS dock and it was easily loaded into my truck bed. So compact, I was even able to close my truck bed tailgate (see my pic). Offloading was a breeze too. The box, although heavy, is easy to “walk” into your house. Again, it really doesn’t seem that heavy at all.

    I already owned a metal bed frame for my previous queen mattress, therefore, I just laid the box on top of it. I stripped the box open, gently cut open the plastic wrap, and the mattress folded open laying out flat on its own. It began its expansion (rising) process before I even got the last bit of plastic wrap off of it (again, think Pillsbury dough). It was over so quick, I didn’t even have time to grab the camera and video tape it! These new beds are incredibly compact and easy to set up. I only wish I could upload more photos but am limited to just two, but feel the ones I was able to upload are the most helpful for you.

    One thing that I remember with my former 3-year old memory foam mattress was, it had a very pungent smell for many days following opening (I was told this was the fire retardant) and I needed to air it out. I was not able to sleep on it right out of the box, rather, had to let it sit for a week or two to get rid of the smell. That was not the case with this Modern Sleep memory foam bed; I was able to sleep on it the very first night. A very, very minute odor can be detected for the first couple of days but disperses quickly, unlike my former bed.


  40. QueenOfInterneShopping September 8, 2015

    Sleep like a baby. I am very happy with my new Mattress. The Modern Sleep Cool Gel mattress is surprisingly firm yet soft.
    I wasn’t sure if a solid foam mattress was for me. I have always had traditional coil pillow top mattresses but it was time for a replacement. I hurt my back a few months ago and was never getting a good night sleep anymore. This mattress stops me from tossing and turning to find a comfortable position. My husband also was happy with his sleep on this mattress.
    The top memory foam moves with your body to erase any pressure points. We had it 2 nights and then we went on a trip in our RV and I really missed my new mattress. It was nice to come back home and sleep soundly. I used to wake up to husband sitting on the side of the bed putting on his socks and boots, the bed would bounce. Not so with a foam mattress. I sleep right through his movements.
    I wanted to mention the few surprises that aren’t in the regular marketing of the bed. It arrives rolled up in a box in a vacuum sealed bag. When I saw the box, I was sure there was a mistake. When you cut the bag, it grows to almost full size in a matter of minutes. We measured it after 24 hours and it was the full 12 inches. Some foam mattresses have reviews saying that it was an inch or so short. Not this one.
    The other surprise was the cover. It comes in a removable zippered cover so I can wash the cover occasionally. That was something I had not expected.

  41. grandmacookie10 September 8, 2015

    Firm but, comfortable. I was skeptical to try this mattress that came rolled up in a nice blue carrying case. One of the straps that are used to carry this mattress was broken but, that didn’t affect anything that had to do with the mattress. It was very well wrapped in a heavy plastic that was a vacuumed sealed. Just make sure when you cut the plastic wrapping off it that you’re very careful doing that as this mattress is really tightly wrapped in the plastic. The tips for unpacking this compressed product tells you to let the mattress regain it’s shape can take 24 to 72 hours. Once you remove this from it original wrapping you be surprised how quickly it forms to the size stated on the tag. I received the VALUEPEDIC -TWIN size which is 75″L x 39″W x 8″H this weights about 40 lbs. This mattress really surprised me after I let it regain it’s shape which happens as soon as you unwrapp it I still waited about 36 hours before using it to sleep on so it would be it’s full shape, I was surprised that you could actually feel that it has like a coil springs build into the sides of this mattress for support. This isn’t a flip mattress you can tell by the feel and the pattern. This does come with a 1 year warranty, I didn’t see any weight restrictions on this mattress. This has been used for about a week now and there are a lot less backaches and a more peaceful nights sleep. Like I said, I was really surprised that this compressed mattress is as nice as it so far. Hopes this helps anyone that was unsure about these compressed mattresses as I was.

  42. DropDeadCurious September 9, 2015

    Super comfortable. I was amazed that this entire mattress came rolled up like a camping mat! It was practically flat – see the photo. The instructions say to carefully cut off the outer plastic first, which allows the mattress to unroll. Then carefully cut off the plastic encasing the compressed mattress and that allows it to start decompressing. My mattress was delivered on a warm day with relatively high humidity. It started to rise immediately, in fact, I was a little concerned that the plastic would get too tight for me to cut off easily, but I got it off fine. Yep, there is a funky odor (like fresh paint mixed with cigarettes) for a couple days. The first day was the worst, it made my room smell a bit. After that, it was only if I was right on top of the mattress and faded away completely after three days. It decompressed within hours, but I let it set for 24 hours before making it.
    It’s about the same weight as a regular mattress, maybe a bit lighter. The comfort of this mattress is wonderful. You can’t feel someone else moving on it, and there isn’t heat build up like you’d think with a foam mattress. One drawback of a foam mattress is that when you are close to the edge, it compresses and that makes it a little difficult to sit on the edge. So maybe some sort of extra support around the edges would be the only change I would suggest.
    The cover of the mattress is soft and zippers off for cleaning. A small water spill soaked up easily with blotting, but I will most likely get a mattress cover for foam mattresses.
    This mattress needs a foundation, as it’s not meant for use with a boxspring. The size is true to a queen, and my current sheets fit very well.
    After sleeping a full night, the manufacturer suggests letting the bed reform before making it, so that’s what I’ve been doing. It reforms rather quickly, and the shape of the mattress has nice edges/corners/overall shape as opposed to my previous mattress that looked more like a big lump without nicely defined edges.

  43. tinkerwd September 14, 2015

    Great mattress that needs no box spring. The Modern Sleep Advantage 8″ plush Innerspring Mattress is very comfortable. The mattress is super plush, but the inner springs add great support. The mattress is white and it’s a twin size. The springs support your body, so you don’t sink into the mattress but are supported evenly as you sleep. My daughter always complained about her back hurting after sleeping on her old mattress, but this mattress gives her back the support it needs as she sleeps, so no more back pain. I took a turn on the mattress and I have to say I slept very well on this mattress. They managed to combine plush and great support into one mattress and it’s done very well. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who needs a great mattress that doesn’t need a box spring. My other daughter has requested we purchase one for her. It’s a great value, so she will be getting one soon too. The mattress comes vacuum sealed and rolled for easy delivery. It expands as soon as you cut the plastic wrap. It needed to be aired out for two days before we could use it. But, well worth the wait.

  44. QualityForCheapHunter September 17, 2015

    Very nice Twin Mattress. The Modern Sleep Advantage 8″ Plush Innerspring Mattress is a very nice Twin Size mattress. Delivery was interesting. This Mattress is not shipped/delivered the “traditional” way, the Modern Sleep Advantage 8″ Plush Innerspring Mattress comes highly compressed and rolled up in a Blue Duffel-Bag. First you’ve to peel off the Blue Duffel-Bag packing and then it’s still rolled up tightly in plastic. I hauled it upstairs to the Twin-Bed and then following the instructions for set-up, carefully cut the first layer of plastic wrapping off and then slowly unrolled the Mattress. After about half is unrolled it kinda goes a bit “pop” and unravels to it’s full size. Good thing I didn’t have it to close to the Book-Shelf headboard of the Bed, or I might’ve had to pick up all the books. The Modern Sleep Advantage 8″ Plush Innerspring Mattress smelled a bit odd after I removed all the remaining plastic, but apparently that’s “normal” regarding to the instructions and one is advised to “air” out the Mattress before putting sheets on aside from having to wait 24-72 hours anyway for it to fully expand. So, after about 2 days it looked expanded enough to me to put on some sheets and try it out. It’s on the softer side, but very comfortable and you can sleep on it very well. The only small down-side I’ve to point out is, that as long as you stay sleeping in the majority of the Center, it’s fine, but if you’re an “Edge” Sleeper, this Mattress might be a bit of a problem. Since it’s on the softer side, the Edges do bend down easier and if you’re sleeping close to the Edge, then you might sink a bit and roll off. But overall, the Modern Sleep Advantage 8″ Plush Innerspring Mattress works well to sleep comfortably and I would absolutely recommend it or buy this type of Mattress again in the future.

  45. jappers September 20, 2015

    Impressive Comfort. This mattress is a replacement for a non-spring older Ikea mattress and used in the upper bunk of my child’s bunk-bed. Being a single mom, I knew it would be a struggle to get a new mattress home and was intrigued by the rolled, compact shipping of this innerspring mattress right to my front door. It did indeed arrive rolled tightly compacted, plastic wrapped in a canvas duffle-bag, and my child and friend were convinced that I’d made a great error ordering this. We struggled to remove the bag without cutting it but eventually gave up and cut it off. The mattress immediately began decompressing and within 3 min it measured 7 inches thick. We left the outer protective plastic bag on while we let it lay on the floor of the playroom for 2 days to decompress fully. It expanded to approximately 7.5 inches as of this review date.
    The kids loved laying on it while it was there playing video games and I gave it several test sleeps and I am very impressed by how incredibly supportive and comfortable it is, even for a big gal like me. Seriously this mattress is just as comfortable as my high end name brand queen size set. The plush top is thick and you cannot feel any of the support springs and there were no low spots or creaking as I flipped over throughout the night. My friend stayed over this weekend while her husband went fishing, and she’s even larger than I am and she said she was incredibly comfortable sleeping on it, surprised since she was here when it arrived, and it exceeded her expectations.
    We did notice that the reverse side is not as plush and that we could feel the individual springs and therefore while you technically could sleep on that side, it would not be as comfortable. Therefore I will not be flipping this mattress every six months but turning it instead. But this really isn’t an issue since it will be used by a skinny little 11 year old who slept very soundly on it. I hear much less squeaking of her bed frame these days, meaning no more tossing and turning and a better rest, and that was the main goal!

  46. Sapphire72 September 20, 2015

    Super Soft & Cool to the Touch! This amazing mattress came rolled up in a duffel bag of sorts and truly made me wonder if I had made a mistake by selecting it initially, as I couldn’t fathom it turning into a full sized (twin) mattress. The duffel bag is HEAVY and clamped on pretty tight. I had to have help getting it out of the packaging (using scissors to cut the bag open lengthwise), so you may want to not do this alone. The mattress immediately started to uncoil as soon as the last plastic wrapper was being cut, so stand back! I let it sit for the suggested 48 hours so it can return to its natural state, and there was really no strong odor from the mattress that would be highly offensive. Once ready to use, the mattress has a very soft feel to it, and is exceptionally cool to the touch because of the foam used on it. The coolness is diminished somewhat when you put sheets on it, but the softness isn’t. It’s extremely comfortable and soft, but is a true twin size and not twin XL, so it is a bit shorter than the boxspring I currently have it on. This would be great for anyone who needs soft, cooling comfort and is short on space for anything bigger.

  47. BIGEYEBEAUTI September 21, 2015


  48. Winchester2 October 31, 2015

    Okay, so you converted me. I have never been a fan of memory foam mattresses. Ive tried them in store and they rarely offered enough support. The foam gives all around me making me certain I’m sinking into wet sand and I feel trapped when lying on my back. Then there was the heat issue and the odor. I won’t even mention the cost. I’ve had a pillowtop Sealy for years and planned on buying same in the near future since its sagging was starting to gift me with morning back pain. Saying that, when I saw that this mattress offered gel infused memory foam to keep you cool and was ventilated to aid in same, it got my attention. I’m happy to say it just may have created a convert in me.
    The mattress arrived rolled up in a tall box. The queen size was a little over 80 lbs. which was a challenge for me to move around on my own but I managed by sliding it on its side up my front steps and across the carpet once inside the house. If you order the king size, have a friend on hand to help. You’ll thank me later. I removed the cardboard box to find the mattress was double wrapped in plastic. I carefully cut through the plastic and I could already hear the mattress start taking in air and expanding. At this point, it’s best to get it on your foundation quickly so it can fully unroll. Unfortunately mine unrolled upside down. Great. While trying to flip it, I noticed small rubber nibs on the underside that help keep the mattress in place. I also noticed there is a zipper on one end making the cover removable so you can wash it in cold water if spot cleaning doesn’t work. All mattresses should have this.
    In the paperwork, it was suggested giving the mattress a full 72 hours to decompress and leave it uncovered so it can breathe and offer a chance for any odor to dissipate. Mine didn’t have an odor at all, but it suggests if it does to run a fan to help circulate the air around it. I had already moved my old mattress out of the room so I had to sleep on the new one the first night. I could tell it wasn’t fully uncompressed since when I measured it, it was around 9 inches deep and it states it should be 10.5. The next day it was better and was exactly 10 inches when I measured. It has not increased beyond that in a week so if you’re looking for something a bit taller due to railings or whatever, you might want to upgrade to the next mattress depth up which I believe is 12 inches.
    I have a platform bed which provided the ideal full length/height support this kind of mattress requires. Even so, the first couple nights it was kind of soft with that sinking in sand feeling I dislike. I had a restful night, wasn’t overly hot and had no back pain in the morning so I could live with it. Night three was totally different and Im not sure why. The mattress was still plush, but much firmer and did not give so easily. This is what I was looking for! I guess it really does need time to reach maximum firmness. I like an extremely firm bed. A piece of plywood with a mattress topper would probably suit me fine. This isn’t that rigid however it definitely was an improvement from the first two days. I think this just may take the place of my Sealy as my favorite mattress I’ve ever owned. It has a 25 year warranty—10 full years and 15 prorated. That’s more than double my $600+ Sealy. And as far as mattresses go, especially memory foam/gel hybrids, I feel this particular model is reasonably priced. You even get free shipping with Walmart.
    Now the con and this is the only one I see. It wasn’t with the mattress itself but the way it was shipped. My box arrived with a gouge in the side that went through both layers of plastic causing tiny pinholes in the mattress cover. You can see in the photo of the mattress lying flat the spot toward the bottom center of the bed where the cover looks slightly pinched. Also the bottom corner of the box was ripped open. That mattress corner (lower left) clearly had taken some abuse and took longer to decompress. It still hasn’t filled out the mattress cover like the others. Not a big deal but just something the buyer should know when considering this item. You may want to be home when its delivered so you can check for damage immediately.

  49. mollydogggggggggggggggggg November 5, 2015

    I’M FINALLY A BACK-SLEEPER! This is a very nice mattress! I am currently in the process of alleviating my chronic back, neck, shoulder and hip pain. I could not get in a comfortable position on my back with my previous mattress. I am very comfortable on this in any position. It feels super soft and very cushiony. When I say cushiony, I mean that it has eliminated any pressure points I previously had on every other mattress I’ve owned. My husband likes it but hasn’t noticed the HUGE difference(s) that I have. I have a high arch in my lower back that needs support when I’m lying on my back. Whether these great improvements in my sleep and pain-control, is a placebo effect, or if it’s this truly well-made mattress; I don’t care. I am feeling better and better by the day. I’m so excited to begin reversing the ever-worsening body aches and pains I’ve been dealing with for far too long. I bought special pillows for my head/neck and a body pillow for better support while side-sleeping. Nothing helped…except this mattress. It’s an impressive high-quality mattress at an equally impressive affordable price. I LOVE it and it’s such a “relief” to finally have a good mattress! Oh, the only negative thing I can think of, is the lingering air-out smell for the 1st few weeks. It says it’s normal new smell…smells akin to inflatable blow-up pool gear. This really is minor. It’s not harmful and you don’t even notice it but upon entering your room for the 1st couple of minutes. It recommends airing it out prior to use, but I was desperate for some comfortable sleep and used it after a few hours of letting it rise/fill out. Oh, lastly, I used to toss and turn through the night because of my side-sleeping and I no longer have to do that at all. I fall asleep on my back and awake in the same position. If/when I do wake up to use the bathroom or if our wee ones wake up, I can get up without disturbing my husband, despite my side being pushed up against a wall corner in our room. I don’t know how they make this incredibly soft and durable foam, but I’m very thankful for it. I highly recommend to anyone dealing with chronic aches and pains…especially if you’re a side-sleeper that’s trying to become a back sleeper. 🙂

  50. restlessd November 5, 2015

    I LOVE THIS MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS!!! This is exactly what I needed and when I saw this offered by Walmart Spark Review I was so excited. I got the Queen size Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress and WOW!! I love it. I had my older mattress for over 20 years and it was one of those spring style beds. It had been around so long that it had a few “squishy” spots. It never was really very firm or comfortable and there were times when I woke up with a back ache. I must have “fallen” into one of the squishy spots.

    This mattress is fabulous, it is firm yet it has a nice “give” that seems to conform to my body. I never realized that what I needed to sleep well was a firm mattress. I love it, I am so happy with this mattress. It comes with a 25 year warranty, that’s pretty good!!!

    The fun part was that this came compressed in a cardboard box. It was rolled up in an airtight plastic bag. It was easy to unwrap on to my box spring and allow it to fill out & decompress over a 24-72 hour period. After about 48 hours it seemed completely decompressed except for the corners.

    I am impressed and very happy and I will definitely recommend this mattress to my friends and family.

  51. cogziegirl November 13, 2015

    Best Night Sleep You Will Ever Have! Cool Gel 10.5″ Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress (Queen Size) is the most amazing mattress. When it arrived I was not too sure since it was rolled up, but as soon as you take it out of the box it begins to inflate itself. The first night that I slept on the mattress I got the best night of sleep I have had in years. When you lay down it is like melting in the clouds. And I never got too hot or too cold, which is a problem I often had. I cannot say enough about how awesome this mattress is. I was concerned that it would become uncomfortable, forming indentions, but it has not, making every night’s sleep as good as the first. Even husband even commented on how solid he slept, not moving even once. He also stayed very comfortable, temperature wise and he is usually always very warm.
    As I said before it does not look like much coming out of the box, but if you want the best night sleep you have ever had then you will definitely want to get this mattress. And your regular linen sizes fit, so there is no need to purchase specially sized ones. I am definitely telling all my friends and family about the Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

  52. MomOf2Girls April 25, 2016

    Great purchase! I’m a single mom of 8 & 10 year old girls. Bought 2 of these and I put them together all by myself. The directions are clear and easy to follow. Very satisfied with this product. Great quality.

  53. afroqueen15 May 21, 2016

    Worth for the price. Looks wise, It is very good. After reading other customer reviews before buying this product, I am using it very delicately. People said, wood is too weak..

    Over all, It is okay for the price. I bought 2 beds. It took me 5 hours to fix all these wood pieces together for two beds. I used hand screw driver.

    You can check fixing video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbTCfH0Zw-k

  54. Claudia May 22, 2016

    Nightstands – I bought 2! Attractive, right size, fairly easy to assemble, price was right. A little difficulty assembling the first one. The second one was a snap. I saw the exact same nightstand at other sites for twice the price so I was able to buy 2.

  55. Tnicole May 23, 2016

    Love it. Love this dresser .. Assembly was tedious definitely a two people job only took a little over an hour. Drawers were not as deep as I thought they would be but still enough for what I needed it for !

  56. ProudArmyWifey June 17, 2016

    High Class Looking Bed at a Middle Class Budget. Purchased this bed in a King size along with the Spa Sensations 12″ Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress during Memorial Day Weekend…Bed was delivered 6/3 and the mattress on 6/7…waited 2 weeks before writing these reviews to fully test out the bed and mattress…

    As everyone else has stated before, they do not give you enough slats for this size bed in order to use it as a platform bed (meaning without a box spring). I wanted to surprise hubby before he returned back from deployment with our new bed, so I did all the work myself and for someone who isn’t a carpenter or handy-person, this was fairly easy to do alone. For those of you who want to make it into a platform bed, this is what I did in order to make it sturdier and stronger to support the mattress and evenly distribute the weight throughout the bed:

    These materials were purchased from Lowe’s and cost $60 (Lowe’s offers military discounts so make sure to ask wherever you go to purchase your materials.)

    6 – 1x4x8′ fir strips cut to 76 1/2″ length
    1 – 2x2x8′ fir strip cut into 8 1/2″ pieces for legs (you should get 11 pieces in an 8′ piece)
    2 – 11/32″ thick plywood cut to 38 1/4″ W x 79″ L
    1 – Box of Interior Construction wood screws 6×1 1/4″

    I screwed the homemade legs to the middle of the new 1×4’s I had made, at the same measurement as the ones that came with the bed (should be close to the middle of the board which is around 36 1/2″). Next, I positioned the new boards evenly between the ones that came with the bed by “eyeballing” it. I made sure that there were 2 new boards in between the gaps of the boards that came with the bed. I then screwed ALL the boards in place to the side rails and even added screws to those side rails for added support. I did not use the screws that came with the bed. I used the ones I had purchased to make sure the bed frame was reinforced properly.
    Lastly, I laid the 2 pieces of plywood on the slats. There shouldn’t be any seam gaps down the middle if the wood was cut correctly. I laid on top of the plywood platform and tested it for sturdiness.

    As far as the “smell” everyone talks about, I let everything air out for a day by leaving the windows open before adding sheets and making the bed. I’ve had no problems with a “smell” from either the bed or the mattress after airing it out.

    It took roughly 2 hours to do and well worth it. The Spa Sensations 12″ Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress completed this purchase and definitely enhances and compliments the classy look of this modern style bed. I believe hubby will love it as much as I do.

    Please check out my review on this mattress for more pictures. Love the mattress as well!

  57. Hope2U July 3, 2016

    Firm Mattress and very comfortable! ! Best sleep I’ve had in years. The package was very manageable for me & I’m in my 60’s. Just be sure you ‘walk’ the box to your bed frame and lean it up onto it BEFORE you open it as the mattress began unrolling as soon as I took the box off. It completed opening totally within minutes of removing the plastics.
    LOVE IT!!! Works awesome as my bed/daybed on the foldable metal frame I purchased for it. I now have a bed…. sofa & lots of underneath storage in my Tiny Apartment! !

  58. Kris July 5, 2016

    Great bed. Overall really great for the price, super easy to put together . (My 8yr old helped ) however the only thing I dislike about the bed is the mattress slides around on it , (side rails don’t have much depth ) so having the bed next to wall helps out .

  59. cookie470 July 15, 2016

    Perfect nightstand. Bought this for my guest room. Works perfectly. It took me about 20 minutes to put together. Exactly what I was looking for.

  60. lefty July 16, 2016

    very happy with this bed. We are looking for a low profile bed. This is perfect! Some earlier reviewers complained about the strength support. The company might have done something. It is very supportive. The mattress is sooo comfortable for the price! I would buy again.

  61. momof32010 July 18, 2016

    Super Cute. We brought this bed for our 5 year daughter. It was easy to put together. I was a bit concerned because the box came open from fedex. However all the part were inside. It is adorable. She loves her new princess bed.

  62. NLMmm July 19, 2016

    for the price no complaints. Two mentionable differences compared to other reviews. (Assumed updated product)

    1) certificate that came with the mattress says 3 year warranty. not the item described 5 year. (1yr full, 2 prorated)
    2) other reviews mentioed it coming in a blue canvas duffle. mine came shrink wrapped and inside cylindrical plastic bag. then placed in a cardboard box.

    locally the lowest mattress i coukd find was 300 and very firm.
    this one is a soft firm. nowhere near as firm as the 10-12 yr old mattress it replaced.

    the matterial on the top is very soft to touch.

    has a “new” item smell when initially opened. less than 5 hrs later its very minimal. not an offensive smell so no big deal. just “new”.

    true to size in queen compared a boxspring.

    overally very pleased.

  63. afroqueen15 July 20, 2016

    I’m happy. As a single mother this price was right up my alley when I decided to transition my 4 yr old to a twin bed. I will admit I was overwhelmed when I opened the box and saw so many pieces. Assembly instructions were very clear and it took me about 2 hours to complete. Only used a screwdriver! Looks sleek and is sturdy. Only downside are the sharp edges

  64. crusader55 July 24, 2016

    Good for the price. Everything is really good except the set up instructions, they’re vague and I made a few mistakes that I had to go back and fix. Pay very close attention when setting it up. The wood is nice and its sturdy, I like the drawer a lot too. Recommended!

  65. Vtaveras136 July 26, 2016

    I’m in love with this bed! My son was going to turn six years old abd he was still in his crib. I found this bed and research it as well read lots of review so I decided to get it for my son. I had a bit of hesitation because the price was so cheap for a metal frame bed. However, I had bought products from this brand so at least tgat put me at ease. I got the bed and I literally put it together in half hour with the help of my 16 years old daughter. It’s very simple to put together and very sturdy too. I think this was the best decision I’ve made because I was ready to sorbs $500 at my local store until I found this great deal. I recommend it to anyone that needs a bed that takes no space at all and looking for a great price as well a good looking piece of furniture.

  66. Disappointed July 30, 2016

    Easy to set up but. It doesn’t prove to be as sturdy as it feels. Two of the five cover have popped off the drawer. I thought “oh maybe I didn’t tighten the screws in all the way” but they were as tight as I could get them and the still won’t stay in.

  67. BirthdayGirl August 24, 2016

    Better than expected. My 6 year old requested bunk beds for her birthday. She wanted a twin over full and liked this style. It is heavy, well made, and easy to put together. Better than expected.

  68. Marlen August 30, 2016

    Very sturdy and functional. I received the metal bed frame Full size and so far so good. It was really easy to set up and when you sit on it, it feels sturdy and makes no noise.
    Since no box spring is needed, the frame sits higher up. I was able to squeeze a medium sized storage bin under the frame, no problem. The only minor complaint I have is that my mattress moves easily around the frame…other then that happy with my purchase.

  69. Buzylaidy August 31, 2016

    Only open from one side. Made very well. Easy to assemble, however the set only open from one side. Awkward from right side of the bed.

  70. Tutu1489 September 8, 2016

    I love it. I love everything about this bed, the price, the look, now it is not snow white, it has a more cream tent however not bad enough to not purchase. Thank you

  71. Manicmindy October 14, 2016

    Excellent!! I love these nightstands! I bought two of these for my bedroom and love them! Super easy to put together! The directions are so nice, they explain everything step by step, took an hour for the first one, and a 1/2 hr for the 2nd one. Sturdy and store a lot. Would highly recommend. Sorry about the sideways photo, thanks Walmart.

  72. Chantel October 31, 2016

    Very nice. Very nice sturdy bed for the price. It was very easy to put together and didn’t take long at all. You will need a box spring for this bed.

  73. Kathy November 5, 2016

    Great Twin Beds. Do not hesitate to buy! Great twin bed frame for the price. We purchased two beds for our twin granddaughters for grandma and papa’s house and find it was a good purchase for our house. The beds are sturdy and perfect for our 5 year old granddaughters. You definitely need a box spring under the mattress for this bed. It was a great purchase for us and would recommend to anyone to buy.

  74. Linda November 16, 2016

    Great Mattress. I am ready to purchase this mattress for every bed in my house. It is as good if not better than my $2400 tempur-pedic!

  75. Vincep November 23, 2016

    It’s OK but priced too high for the money. It’s made out of particleboard. I had one piece on the drawer ( on one out of 2) snap on me with no rough handling. ( Just normal assembly)

    For $79.99 plus tax , it’s priced too high for the lack of quality.

    For the first one, I only paid $50.00 plus tax, it’s worth that price.

  76. Djcollins November 30, 2016

    don’t waist your money. Looked great but within a week it was starting to warp and the drawers were falling apart. I’m going to have to buy a new dresser.

  77. Lurlene December 9, 2016

    Satisfied Customer. I was looking for a night stand that matched my mom and dad’s solid oak bedroom set and nailed it with this night stand. The only con was that I had to put it together

  78. Fran33 December 16, 2016

    Crossmill nightstand. I love this crossmill collection. Looks like an expensive piece of furniture. I own other pieces, I’ve had for awhile they have held up well. Very easy to assemble. Directions. Are clear and easy to under stand. All my pieces are in the weathered finish, beautiful color.. I hope they continue to make other pieces in this collection. I would love to see a table and chair set. You won’t regret your purchase on this buy.

  79. Rash December 24, 2016

    Pleased. This bed is soft but not too soft. I was really pleased with the feel. It’s a pillow top as well. The price is very reasonable and it’s not that heavy for a King size mattress as far as getting it home. RECOMMEND!!!

  80. Lita January 5, 2017

    Slumber 1- 10″ Dream Pillow Top Mattress Full Size. Purchased this full sized mattress in a box by Zinus because it came in a box and was convenient for moving. Followed instructions and watched mattress expand to 10″ size. Very comfortable and get great night sleep. Mattress is tall without a box spring. You do not need a box spring! Mattress is sturdy and pillow top has good cushion. I purchased a mattress pad for extra cushion. Also the price was lower than SAMs Club, Wayfarer, Bed Bath & Beyond and other stores. Excellent mattress!

  81. MzM0 January 6, 2017

    Weathered oak nightstand. Love this nightstand. Drawers on glides so drawers are easy to open and close. Fairly easy assembly but takes time. Delivery was several days earlier than expected. Very happy with this purchase. Planning on buying drawer chest.

  82. Griff January 9, 2017

    Zinus 10″ Bedframe. Bought this in Queen size online and was immediately impressed by 3 characteristics, sturdiness, innovative design, and ease of assembly. This is a HEAVY frame, weighing in at over 100 lbs. The relatively short legs assure solid support and allow for the newer style foam and gel foam mattresses that run between 12 and 14 inches thick. The slats were actually tied together by Velcro
    strips on either end which holds them securely in place when dropped into the Velcro tooth strips on the side rail channels. The side rails and center support all interlock and fasten with washer bolts the have both locks and flat washers pre-installed. Even has a couple of adhesive strips on the slats to hold the mattress in place and prevent slippage. As an engineer myself, I can appreciate the well thought out design and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a study and stylish bed frame for not a lot of money.

  83. Casey January 13, 2017

    Love it! This bed is beautiful, easy to put together, and very sturdy. My husband was able to put it together by himself in about 30 minutes. I am definitely in love with this bed!

  84. Ellie January 15, 2017

    Great Value. We recently bought a king size mattress and needed an expensive bed frame until we can save up to buy a nice one. I liked that this bed had more style than a plain metal frame, and also had a headboard.

    From unboxing to putting the mattress on the built bed frame was only about 30 minutes. It was SO easy to assemble, and it is very sturdy. We didn’t need any tools either. I am very satisfied with this product and happy our mattress is no longer on the floor! This is a GREAT value!

  85. Eddie February 3, 2017

    Nightstand Review. This is replacing another piece of furniture in a guest room, the only negative is the depth of the shelves. It is difficult to tell it is “assembled” furniture but it works very well.

  86. Alan February 6, 2017

    Easy to assemble! All the metal pieces slines into one another and are held on with heavy duty screws. It holds up my 10 inch this queen memory foam. Great purchase and under an hour to assemble!

  87. Saadi February 11, 2017

    Comfy. Bed was rolled up tight when it came in but went to regular size quickly after opening….very soft and comfortable!

  88. TNlady February 28, 2017

    Good value. I am a single, 57 year old woman and although I had to open the box downstairs then haul pieces upstairs parts at a time, I am happy with my purchase. It took me about 90 minutes to put it together. Easier than IKEA. I have cubicles in my master bath for storage that match, so was happy to find this night stand.

  89. Danielle March 29, 2017

    Great Option. Great Option. I bought this online and was a little thrown off as it arrived in a little box and thought they had shipped the wrong thing. When I opened the box it was vaccumed sealed to 1 inch flat and rolled up like a barrito. I thought there is no way that’s a whole mattress. But once the seal was broke it popped open to full size like a river raft it was actually pretty cool. The mattress felt really good firm but soft I was very impressed and may by another one for another bedroom.

  90. kbone July 10, 2017

    Not bad for the price. I ordered this mattress in a queen size. For the price, it isn’t bad. It came vacuumed sealed in a box, which was nice for easy delivery. The mattress itself is a little more firm than what I like/am used to. I am not going to use it as an every day mattress, but for a kids room or spare bedroom, its a great deal.
    I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review.

  91. LLMRPh August 6, 2017

    Love. It! This piece of furniture exceeds my expectations. It fit together perfectly (as I’ve come to expect from Sauder furniture). The wood “finish” actually has the feel of real wood, not just a shiny veneer. Our room has a beach theme and this nightstand looks perfect as “driftwood.” The instructions were clearly written by someone whose primary language is English (no offense to anyone else, but I am NOT multilingual) … and it even includes a step to Pause and Take A Nap! You gotta love THAT! I live in Toledo, right down the road from Sauder Village in Archbold so I’m also always happy to support the local economy … and happy that something in walmart is made right here in the USA (no offense to the global economy which I do love). One tiny “complaint” …. the drawers are on glides but not turning wheels so I think they are not as smooth opening as they could be. My older Sauder furniture (really old) had actual wheels for the drawers But it works fine for my purposes. Bottom line: great quality and value. I’m building the second one … and probably going to purchase the matching queen size bed frame.

  92. RobinS September 9, 2017

    LOVE! Very well made, easy to put together and the drawers roll very nicely. I’m using them as end tables and they look great. Just so you know…..the back isn’t finished like the rest of the table. Wish it was, but for the price you can’t beat it!

  93. Chipturtle September 30, 2017

    Nice looking and sturdy. When the nightstand arrived I was hoping it would be put together but it wasn’t. But that was okay it was not hard putting it together. The nightstand is nice looking and sturdy. I’ve seen nightstands that are at this price and they didn’t look anything like this one. For the price you can not beat it. I would think it would have cost much more.
    I plan to put books in the bottom opening which is large. You could also use this as a stand for a printer ..which I had thought of doing. It weights 19 lbs. My son lifted it for me and said he was going to purchase he and his wife one ..he really liked it also.
    The nightstand open upper shelf is nice for your glasses, remote to the TV, or for your medications that you take at bedtime.

    Overall it looks really nice more expensive that it is and is great for your bedroom or a quest bedroom or as I said a printer stand. It’s durable and not flimsy in the least. Will hold right much weight. Has brackets, screws, little nails and round peg things that hold it all together. No way is it going to collapse ..too sturdy.
    The finish is black oak.

  94. HKGCITYGIRL October 3, 2017

    FROM FLAT-PACK TO NIGHTSTAND IN ALMOST NO TIME! This Mainstays Nightstand has the clean lines and Espresso color that made it ideal to add to our bedroom. It comes with easy, step by step instructions for us Weekend DIYers. All you need are 3 tools: Two screwdrivers and a hammer.

    It was simple to put all the boards (A through F) together with its “cam-lock” system to hold everything in place. Screw in the cam bolts, drop in the cam locks, insert the wooden dowels (I did this by hand), assemble then tighten the locks, brackets and screws. I left the back panel (G) to nail on at the end. To make this go a little bit faster:

    1. Allow yourself plenty of room to spread out.

    2. Open and unpack your box. Check that you have each piece you need and take this time to divide your cam bolts, locks, dowels, brackets and screws between the different boards. It will save you “hunting” for them after you start.

    3. Work on a padded surface. I used a thick towel over carpeting. This protected the boards themselves and it also kept my tools within easy reach.

    Half an hour later, I had my own brand new, pretty impressive nightstand!

  95. ChancetoBuy October 3, 2017

    Good Value. I like the MAINSTAYS Ameriwood Home Nightstand because it is small enough to fit into the space by my bed. It measures approx. 20.4″ h x 15 3/4″ wide x 15 3/4″ deep. The bottom section is approx. 11″ h x 14.2″ wide. It is large enough to hold a medium size basket (not included, but used mine in photo). Assembled, it weighs 19.5 lbs. Each shelf is stated to hold up to 40 lbs.
    I assembled it with easy to follow instructions and my Phillips head screwdriver. All the other items needed were in separate bagged compartments. It took me about a half an hour to complete and feels sturdy and looks attractive. I have purchased many Mainstays Ameriwood products in the past and I am happy with them. The nightstand is affordable, easy to assemble and looks good and that makes me happy.
    It’s easy to clean, but I definitely recommend the use of coasters if having liquid drinks. Water stains can be a possibility. To make the finish more durable, I use a good spray wax when dusting to add another layer of protection. I also wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one of these for the living room to hold some of my books and store some DVDs. I think it’s an all-around good value.

  96. Magato3 October 3, 2017

    Simple, useful and mostly temporary. This table is heavier than it looks. Also takes longer to assemble than I thought it would after seeing the small amount of pieces. The only thing needed for the assembly is a light hammer and a small Phillips head screwdriver. The Panels are clearly marked and the bolts, screws, dowels, cam locks, small nails and angle brackets are packaged separately and securely.
    dI had my adult daughter assist me with the assembly, but really wouldn’t have been necessary. I did this in 2 different sessions, but again it is simple enough to do all at once. I have had trouble with cam locks on different occasions so I was just being cautious to get everything set up perfectly before final tightening. I find a project works better that way.
    I didn’t care for the cardboard back sheet as it didn’t cover the entire back of the table. It is strong when assembled and serves the purpose for which it was made.
    With no drawers or doors on the front, everything is easily accessible. This table would be good for a dorm or a child’s room more so than anywhere else in a home. It worked for me in the guest room which isn’t used for extended periods of time. With some imagination it could be used in other rooms, but mostly with furniture with a modern flair.
    I obtained this table through the Spark Review program, but don’t think I would have purchased it myself. It is a handy little table and therefore usable for someone who likes the style.

  97. Nikayla August 27, 2018

    Missing my Handles for the drawer. Setting up was alright. It took longer because some pieces weren’t labeled. It’s nice once put up, but it would’ve been a lot better if the handles for the drawer came with the whole thing. Still missing the handles and I already emailed customer service, but no response.

  98. Sujiazhao October 15, 2018

    Beautiful addition to the room. We love this product! We decided to switch rooms around and my daughter was moved into her older brothers old room that is Navy. We decided to do a Navy, pink and gold theme and this bed was the perfect addition. The quality is very nice. It seems sturdy. Wasn’t difficult for my husband to put together alone. Pretty color of pink and my daughter is just in love with her bed. I love that it’s not too far off the ground too!

  99. disappointedtexasshopper October 24, 2018

    Weathered finish nightstands. I ordered one which arrived and assembled as expected. It looked perfect, and the drawers worked perfectly. It could be rated 5 stars. A week or so later I ordered a second nightstand. When assembled, the drawers weren’t level and didn’t open or close without extra effort. Also, the finish on the drawers’ front is defective. The second nightstand was disappointing and might be rated 3 stars..

  100. Annoyed February 28, 2019

    Cheap. CHEAP!
    The cheap wooden bed slats broke before my daughter coukd even sleep on it. Shes 4 years old so of course shes gonna pla on her bed and already after only having it for a day, one of the slats broke.

  101. SkylersMamma March 13, 2019

    Best money I’ve spent!! I absolutely love thus bed! My 3 1/2 year old daughter has been sleeping so good n puts herself to bed! Highly recommend this bed! It’s safe because it’s low to the ground but very well made n sturdy it’s a TWIN NOT A TODDLER BED! Will last a long time!

  102. MommyOf3 March 13, 2019

    Amazing Twin Bed! Excellent bed for a energetic little kid. We bought this bed for my 4 year olds birthday and she loves it. Nice strong wood, the padded wood is what ultimately made me buy it and I’m so glad I did. Now I don’t have to worry if shes jumping on it (which she does constantly) and falls and hit her head on the wood she won’t be so badly hurt. Its low to the ground so the transition from her toddler bed to this twin bed wasn’t bad at all we dont have to worry about her falling out while she sleeping because shes only 5 inches off the ground. The color is beautiful and the jewels on the head board give it that extra sparkle that any princess would love. It was super easy to put together took us maybe 20 minutes! I would 100% recommend this bed!!

  103. Esmi22 May 13, 2019

    Not what expected! They are smaller than I thought. They are sturdy and can withstand several things at once. I just don’t like the back side panel. It is too thin that it can get water damage if it gets wet. They are great for college students or small rooms.

  104. MommyJen05 June 1, 2019

    Really impressed. Really impressed by everything about this. It really was delivered in two days. It really is in a box. When you cut open the plastic wrapper, in inflates in seconds. There was no bumps or any problems. It reached its full 8”. It’s comfortable for our 7 year old daughter that needed a new twin size mattress. It looks durable. I feel like it’s easier and better than the traditional way of buying a mattress. I think it’s a better investment than the other ones that cost hundreds that you end up replacing in 5-7 years anyways. If you have kids or are on a budget- this is a great alternative. Really impressed.

  105. Haley June 12, 2019

    Not as quality as I expected. This nightstand looks nice but is not the quality i was expecting. Fairly easy to assemble, but one of the knobs broke when pulling the drawer open. I will have to replace both knobs now as the one that broke was not fixable.

  106. happycustomer June 20, 2019

    Did my research and very happy with purchase! Have been sleeping on this for over a week…Walmart employees made pick up a breeze. Set up easy….very sturdy and well made. Can use 6″ storage containers underneath. Got rid of box springs and our mattress is very thick and heavy (queen innerspring mattress), but fits perfectly on frame and sits right height for us. Love this…exactly what we were looking for.

  107. Srijani July 23, 2019

    Genuine review! Not a paid one! This is the second time I bought this. These are genuinely amazing pieces. It feels very good to the back, especially if you are prone to having back pain. This keeps your back straight but gives you comfort at the same time. These are not good for children who jump on it though since that damages the springs. But for the price it’s really good!
    Please make sure you check it before picking it up. Mine was a little damaged but it was hard to put it back in the box so I couldn’t return it. But that didn’t bother me in any way!

  108. Sujiazhao August 5, 2019

    nice bed. is very good bed. my daughter is very like it. it just good to put her small room. it help me let her sleep by herself. and can sleep early.

  109. Marieme September 1, 2019

    Very pretty and detailed. The bed is very high quality. I thought it was a little expensive for a bed frame for a kid, still do but its really pretty and not cheap at all.

  110. Jamilya September 15, 2019

    Very happy with our purchase. We ordered twin mattresses for kids, 3y.o and 5 y.o. I chose these mattresses for their firmness. Before ordering I read the reviews, however they weren’t good. We needed mattresses asap so we ordered them. They didn’t smell badly as they were expected according to the reviews. After unpacking we allowed them to take their shape for approx. 30 hours. We really like these mattresses, they are very comfortable and firm enough as we wanted.

  111. Faiths13 September 18, 2019

    Organized My Life! I was in desperate need of a nightstand. I had been using a tv tray table and bag under to hold my items and everything was just chaos!

    When looking at nightstands, I knew wanted something that would not only store my daily essentials but one that would not bubble when placing a cup or water bottle on top. After tons of research and careful consideration, I selected the Winsome Wood Eugene Nightstand.

    This is a really nice little stand and fairly easy to assemble. The top

  112. K November 2, 2019

    Excellent Bed, woods are in perfect conditions . Bed frame came beautiful , with no scratches. My 5 old daughter love’s it .

  113. Ash November 3, 2019

    wrong parts. Had everything put together except one side and when I went to attach it it wasn’t the right length. it’s about an inch too short on one edge and there are no holes drilled for the screws to fit where they should. looks like this piece doesn’t belong with this set! I bought 2 and they are both the same. will be returning them!

  114. PraiseGodBlessYou December 16, 2019

    !!!Flammable urethane mattress!!!! Dangerous! Got the box with a giant warning sign on the side stating its a flammable mattress and not to put near space heaters or other potentially flammable objects…like a heated blanket perhaps?? How is this still for sale??!! Going with Linenspa-no issues with them on a current bunk bed…never take a chance on a cheaper product-yikes. Hope I’m not the only person who reads giant warning signs as no one else has posted a review about this!

  115. Cristina January 8, 2020

    Loved it!! I love this nightstand!! So easy to put together! I had no problems and the instrutions were clear! Was not dissappointed! Came on time and was so worth it!

  116. Me January 11, 2020

    Don?t Buy. Bad Design. This is a horrible dresser design. The dresser itself is fine, but the drawer design to match with the dresser width is horrible. Which cause the drawers to never stay in place and faulted at all times. The brackets used to secure the drawers roll properly aren?t long enough in width to sit equally on both sides. You can see in the photos how the drawers sit in the dresser and it is not nice.

  117. Marieme January 29, 2020

    Very cut bed for a little princess! It was not hard to put together
    Good buy for the price

  118. Keisha February 9, 2020

    unable to assemble seems to be company defect very unhappy rails in 4 pieces lots of holes with no screws

  119. Ashley February 26, 2020

    Happy with it. Very heavy!!! The drawers will look like they don’t fit right or will be uneven UNLESS you screw the side rails in all the exact same angel. There’s a hole that the screw can either go up or down a little (looks like an oval) on the brown tracking part for them to slide. Just make sure you either all put them at the top or the bottom of the oval so they all match. Otherwise it looks great! It is a little short but looks good.

  120. MandyG February 28, 2020

    Rustic Gray Farmhouse 6 Drawer Dresser. I went with the rustic gray dresser for our bedroom. Husband put it together in about an hour’s time. Very sturdy and has a but of a rough finish to give it that rustic farmhouse feel. I love it!! wanted to give our room a bit of a coastal feel to it and this piece accents it so well. Love the handles which are easy to grasp and all the drawers pull out smoothly.

  121. Mykaell March 1, 2020

    The bed turned out to be very pretty.

  122. Gabi March 2, 2020

    White rustic dresser is not white. Ordered white rustic as it says, but came grey colored, disappointing very disappointed. Otherwise nice dresser. The other thing is big hab between drawers. Very easy to assembling very easy. I don’t know if I keep it or sale, because I really want white cottage look.

  123. Kristal March 4, 2020

    Cheap, but nice. Was disappointed when I received the package. IT WAS OPEN! I thought parts would be missing. Other than that the bed was easy to assemble. Took about an hour. My daughter loves it.

  124. tracy March 8, 2020

    Great dresser! Just read directions. This is a great dresser! Husband put it together in about 2 hours. Directions super easy to follow. Many people were complaining about the drawers not lining up and made me nervous to buy it. But thankfully I read other reviews about how to properly line up the drawers and my husband said it was easy. I can’t believe I have to say it, you just gotta follow the directions. I think what tripped people up was the wheels part that goes on the drawer. They have it where you can adjust it a little on each side. When we saw a little gap in between the dresser and the drawers, he just adjusted each side and it matched up great. They also had little quips /jokes in it that made my husband chuckle. Cute add in. Helps with the long time putting together. Box was undamaged (minus a little water damaged but it being a monsoon when it was delivered. But once we opened the box, the damage was just to the box itself. They also wrapped it in plastic which was a godsend. Only the little bits where the plastic torn did the box have water damage. I am extremely happy with this dresser and will be getting the matching nightstand. Color is great. Goes perfect in my guest room. Now fingers crossed that it doesn’t start peeling as some other review said it did.

  125. Rosaidam March 8, 2020

    Great mattress. I purchased this mattress after researching several different ones and I am absolutely happy with purchasing this stress. It is very comfortable as not too plush not firm. It was great that it comes in a box and was super easy to unwrap. I did let it sit out for two days before use and it’s a great size. This is definitely worth the money. I am planning to purchase this mattress again just a different size.

  126. MsJay March 10, 2020

    Pretty crumbly. Save yourself the trouble and buy a dresser thats already assembled if possible. This desssee looks nice, yes.. but it breaks so easily, the wood pieces were breaking and peeling as I was putting them together. I emailed the company , and I got no response. Ive already put the whole dresser together, but i have a few drawers that are broken due to how they were made. Its like money down the drain.. not to mention how HEAVY the box that it came in was.so now i have drawers I CANT USE

  127. Frances March 15, 2020

    Disgusted. My order was delivered and the box appeared to be fine. Once opened and unrolled the mattresses had a funny smell. Thats when i noticed the black spots on the bottom of one. I flipped it over only to notice it was mold and on both sides. It was on both mattresses. Only to request a refund and return for them to tell me it can take a week just to pick up. I refuse to have that smell in my home for that long. Will never order again.

  128. MomTo3QueensN2Kings March 21, 2020

    5 Stars. I’ve purchased 2 orders of these twin pack mattresses and each time I was not dissatisfied they plumped up quickly I let the mattresses sit without being touched for over a week these beds are for my 13, 11 and 8 year old daughter’s as well as my 8 and 2 year old son’s they never complained about the quality of the beds I haven’t complained as well as I’ve slept on them myself and I’m over 200 pounds although I don’t look like I weigh that much due to just having hips I have slept on these beds all night long and I slept good the mattress did not slump down or seem to lose its shape after sleeping on them all night yes I would definitely recommend these 2 twin mattresses to anyone who ask about where they can locate mattresses if needed

  129. Anjuli March 24, 2020

    Cute/nice bedframe. Came in the mail on time which presently surprised me given the delays due to the corona virus issues! All the pieces were in the box (found the nails and bolts in a bag taped to one if the pieces) we didnt know that right away so make sure to check all your pieces first! Was easy to assemble because instructions are clear. Only giving 4 star because my daughter hasnt slept on it yet we are waiting for her mattress to come.

    Will give an update after we have had it for a while!

  130. Tyesha March 25, 2020

    very nice looking. Purchased 2 nightstands at different times. I loved the 1st so much I bought a 2nd but it came with different rollers (sliders on side of drawer). The 2nd nightstand came with black rollers/sliders, and the drawer pulls out further than the 1st nightstand, which came with cream colored rollers/sliders. Even the install was different. Had I not purchased the 2nd nightstand I would have never known I’d gotten incorrect parts. Still a nice nightstand nonetheless. Love the color

  131. ZMulaMonae March 26, 2020

    I Love this! Great price and very large! Satisfied. Came a day early and super great timing unlike most of my packages!! I love it and haven’t even be able to sleep on it just yet it has to take 48 hours to make it back to its normal plush size but this is way much more better than I assumed!!! I would definitely recommend this product I love this king size! And for such a reasonable price, really easy to unbox along with the smart base dual-base foundation! The most simplest and fast way to go!! I’ve finished in under 15 mins

  132. rossnbay March 30, 2020

    worry free process. I found the whole ordering a bed online a little intimidating, but found it to be quit easy. it was here within a day or two. very satisfied with the product as well. easy to assemble and get ready to be used.

  133. FLDusty April 1, 2020

    Simple assembly! I am a 66 year old retiree who lives alone. I brought the contents of the carton up 16 stairs (in three trips), into my living room and assembled it in a few hours by myself. I used furniture sliders to move the finished piece into my guest room.
    Follow the instructions and you’ll have a beautiful piece of furniture!

  134. Simone April 2, 2020

    Awesome choice for my girls. Great quality for awesome price
    low to the floor
    More for smaller kids not so much for teens
    Easy to assemble and cute
    Arrived quicker then expected

  135. sam April 4, 2020

    I must say I was not sure how this mattress would work out but it did. For the price it and quality I would recommend it I will be buying another one.

  136. Rachael April 5, 2020

    Worth the buy! Love the look of this night stand, the quality feel of it is a little on the lower side (To Be expected)! it was still a good purchase, I’m happy with it! Putting it together was faster with 2 people, and it was a a little heavy to carry up to the 3rd floor. Over all I’m very pleased that I purchased this item!

  137. NOThappy April 5, 2020

    Not totally happy. I knew when I bought this that it was kind of cheaply made. I like the looks of this night stand. I bought it for my daughter’s room. She loves it. What I’m not happy with is it came to us defective. The top part of the stand was supposed to have holes for us to put it together and it had no holes. My husband had to drill holes for us to be able to assemble this part. If we didn’t have a drill, I would have had to send it back. And I don’t like to send things back.

  138. OmahaMom April 5, 2020

    Nice for the price. I bought this full sized mattress for my son who is 16 and 6′ tall…I was a little worried that he wouldn’t fit on this mattress but all is well. I haven’t heard one complaint from him. So, so far, it’s a win-win.

  139. ragenify April 6, 2020

    Great stand. It was easy to put together nice roomy night stand

  140. Jennifer April 7, 2020

    I was very happy with this purchase. The dresser is beautiful and was less expensive than many other similar ones I saw. Since we just put it together I can’t comment on how it will hold up over time, but it looks very sturdy. The Rustic Gray color really gives our room an updated in style look.

  141. EvalynsMOM1 April 7, 2020

    Great Kid bed!!! Stylish, affordable, super easy to put together, and my daughter loves it. If I could change one thing it would be the height, wish it were off the ground more but there’s still enough distance between the floor and bottom of bed for storage. This is the 2nd bed I’ve purchased of this brand and I haven’t been disappointed.

  142. elizabeth April 8, 2020

    Good product for the price. Looks good. Good quality for the price. I am disappointed that there is no back except for a small piece of cardboard that only covers half.

  143. Bh0052 April 8, 2020

    Sleeping like a baby! I love my new bed! As a 60 year old woman with a lower back injury I am delighted to have found something I can sleep well on. $450 – $1700 was the cost of most mattresses I looked at. This was much better. Delivered to my home and I set it up with no help!

  144. Denay April 9, 2020

    Glad I decided to purchase !! Happy customer!! I purchased these two bed frames for my soon to be tween girls to get them out of bunk beds, and they are great! I love the look and they were easy to put together, the instructions were very easy to follow. It took my mom and 30 minutes to put them together. They come exactly as pictured, except the color. The color of the frames on the website appear to be more white, but the color is actually off white. The beds do not squeak and they are very sturdy once put together. They were a fair price and worth the purchase.

  145. Stu7 April 10, 2020

    Thumbs up. Buy it, you will get your money’s worth. Don’t be scared when you get a tiny box delivered, they are in there vacuum sealed. But you open and you can use the same day. Just careful on removing/cutting the vac seal.

  146. Karina April 14, 2020

    Perfect budget nightstand! I needed a nightstand by my bed for my phone, laptop, etc. and this one worked out very well. Of course for the price it is pretty great. The space underneath the drawer is very spacious and the drawer itself has space as well. My only complaint would be how the drawer only opens up to have its size so putting bigger objects in there wouldn’t be ideal. Other than than I really loved it!

  147. Micaela April 14, 2020

    Adequate child’s bunk bed mattresses. You get what you pay for. These are just bunk bed mattresses. No more. They are for children. I wouldn’t buy them for teenagers or anyone older. When they’re bigger, we’ll have to upgrade. They were not packaged well. They were not thoroughly taped and when they arrived, one end was completely open, the tape had been broken due to inadequate packing method. Good thing the mattresses were still sealed or I would have had to return them. I wouldn’t recommend them simply because I wouldn’t know what condition they’d arrive in with such packaging.

  148. Carlo April 14, 2020

    Love it! I like it so far, it gives us the rest that we need because when we wake up it doesn’t hurt our back lol…. we have the grandrest metal frame and it’s not a good match because it keeps sliding off so i have to buy a non slip mattress pad to kind of prevent that. But other than that we are happy with our purchase

  149. Barry April 14, 2020

    100% satisfied! Exactly what was needed. All parts were there. Easy to assemble. Very sturdy. Arrived on time.

  150. NICHOLE April 15, 2020

    Glad I Found These!! This was one of the greatest purchases I’ve ever made!! I am very pleased with the quality of the mattresses and comfort. They dish take long to get to their regular size once out of the plastic. They had a smell, but after they inflated the smell was gone. Great price!

  151. Amanda April 16, 2020

    I JUST LOVE IT! It is amazing for the price, the package arrived 4 days before than expected, no damage on it. My husband assembled it, the hardest part was the drawers but readind and paying attention to the instructions he was able to get them rigth, (and no, we do not have experience putting furniture together) they all run very smooth. It makes the perfect addtion to our bedroom! I am in love with it!

  152. sandisands April 16, 2020

    Wonderful sleep. l was skeptical about purchasing a mattress in a box but i took a chance. When they delivered the box it was in terrible shape the tape on the box was lose and the top was wide open. However once i opened the mattress it was sealed in the wrap and we laid it on the bed then cut it it inflated like a water raft. I purchased the full size one for a guess room my grown son who is over 200 lbs slept on it and said it is wonderful. I am so satisfied with the bed and will be purchasing a queen size one for an extra bedroom in the near future.

  153. Anish April 16, 2020

    Great value buy but a little too firm. The mattress is excellent for the price. It was easy to setup and the quality looks good. Note that the mattress is extra firm, so if you lay flat all night, you will “feel” it in the morning, but nothing too bad, especially considering the price. Mattress prices are ridiculous so if you’re looking for something of good quality and inexpensive, you won’t be disappointed.

    I’ve had to deduct the 1 star because Walmart’s packaging was disastrous. I was surprised to see the mattress wasn’t damaged. The packaging was torn in multiple places as if rats as eaten through it.

  154. kdp86 April 16, 2020

    Needed many adjustments. I would love to give 5 stars because it turned out so cute…. however my husband had much trouble getting this to fit together. Several screw holes did not have threads tapped, some parts were bent, and many things had to be adjusted to make it fit and be sturdy. It’s Rock solid now for a kiddo

  155. JCarlos April 16, 2020

    Its been 6 months since I purchased this bed. I bought 3 before this one and returned them, every cheap bed that I found was very low quality, but this one is perfect. I bought it thanks to all the reviews and now I’m leaving this review for others. Is a very easy to ensemble bed, comes with everything you need, very strong and stable. Once of the best purchases I’ve made in my life.

  156. Timeishia April 17, 2020

    Would recommend to everyone. I was skeptical about purchasing this product. I honestly thought it was a hoax that both mattresses would come in the same packaging but when I received the item sure enough it was two twin 6-inch mattresses. After reading through the reviews they helped me to make my final decision and go ahead and order it because you can’t beat that price when most spring mattresses are $100 by themselves. I read some reviews that said there was an odor when receiving their mattresses but mine didn’t have any odor. But the instructions do warn you of it just in case because it’s been wrapped up for so long so if you have an odor you just let it air out for a couple hours and the smell will be gone. This was a really good investment I didn’t have to go searching hard and out of all the places that I did search I was surprised to find that Walmart had something to my liking. They’re vacuum sealed when you receive them in the box it’s a nice sized box and they won’t open up until you cut open the plastic to release the pressure. So I’m very satisfied with this product you can’t beat finding mattresses two for that matter for the price of one.

  157. Dipta April 17, 2020

    Can feel the spring! The mattress roll up to its shape quickly after removing it from the package. The height and firm level is as it is mentioned in the product spec. But I don’t find this mattress that comfortable as I can feel the spring! The top foam layer is not effective at all! If you are planning to use a separate mattress topper, then you can choose this mattress. Otherwise it won’t be good option.

  158. shanteshia April 17, 2020

    Sauder Parklane Platform Bed with Headboard, Twin,. The bed is very cheap! However with the expresso color you can dress it up to look expensive. The only problem is the bed doesn’t alignment completely correct! I would still say it’s a good buy. I did stand on the wooden base to see if that cheap wood could hold my weigh (145lb) and it did! I also lay on the bed with no issues. I wanted to tested it for my child so I also jump up and down and the bed is still standing. I would stay it’s sturdy. However if your going to be moving the bed all around have at least a few people because it’s cheap !

  159. alice April 17, 2020

    Very Pleased. I did not expect a mattress in a box to be as comfortable and of great quality as this one. I actually bought the mattress for my 60 year old father and am very pleased. I just bought myself a mattress set 3 months ago but I will be replacing it with Zinus Dream Pillow Top Mattress but in a queen size. Thank you

  160. YULONDA April 18, 2020

    I am giving this a Five Star This is a good bed for the price. there were a couple minor things a couple of the bars had dents in them they were however on the backside so will not be seen. and a couple screw hiles did not align up perfectly but with a lot of effort was able to make it work. They assembly time was about 30 minutes.

  161. StormLoire April 19, 2020

    Not a bad mattress at all. I have been sleeping on an air mattress for some time so I was unsure how I would do with this mattress. Great price, not noisy and so far held it shape with no issues.

  162. Joy April 21, 2020

    And I thought I needed a man lol. This bed was easy to put together. I did it in under 2 hours. I didn’t think I could but the directions were very clear. The bars are hard on the ladder you will need to put something there for your little ones comfort. Overall I’m happy with it and my kids were very proud of there momma ☺️

  163. TKM April 21, 2020

    Great Beds!! I purchased 2 of these beds for my 10 year old grandchildren. They were extremely easy to assemble. it took approximately 20 minutes to assemble with no special tools needed. They are heavy weight frames with joined wooden slats to hold the mattresses. We set ours up as platform beds with low floor clearance. We added comfort zone toppers to the mattresses for extra comfort and it handled the addition in height well. Because the frames are metal the grandchildren were able to add their favorite magnets to make the décor their own. They love them.

  164. Elizabeth April 26, 2020

    Very Pleased. The bed is great! Easy to assembled, easy to follow picture directions. It is perfect in the space we needed it for in my son’s room. Seems very sturdy as well. Only thing I did not like was the screws are put in with an Allen wrench because those are just awkward in my opinion. Still a great purchase!

  165. Dorothy April 27, 2020

    Comfortable for the price! I’ve had the mattress almost a year and well worth the money. very comfortable and both my husband and I have weak lower backs. Plus unpacking was fun! We unwrapped it on top of our old mattress and it blew up like a balloon after being vacuum packed! Lol

  166. Tashema April 28, 2020

    I ordered two of these night stands the first one I open and put together, no problem. The second one I bought and put together was missing a holes in the board and I had to screw holes in it to make it work. It’s not the right way but it’s working good enough. I didn’t want to go to the troubles of sending it back.

  167. Maria April 28, 2020

    Not matching color. The product was great, the only think is the color, is darker that the picture, didn’t like the color

  168. Brian April 28, 2020

    Good bed. Easy to assemble metal frame bed. I use the bed with a box during and a pillow top mattress. With this combination the headboard comes to to the size of the footboard of my old bed.

  169. judi April 29, 2020

    Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself! Very tedious assembly. It can be done. The finished product is amazing. Great quality. I have 2 other pieces from this group. The sturdiness is unbelievable.

  170. Pearlene April 29, 2020

    The night stands are sturdy and look nice in my space.

  171. Happymomma April 29, 2020

    The description didn’t explain assembly required. It’s not very sturdy and it’s a bit wobbly. I’ll think twice before I order more furniture in the future.

  172. Teanna April 29, 2020

    We love this bed!!! Very easy to assemble and the directions were great. One the pieces was stripped and Usable but it was at the end and really didn’t need it.

  173. Bryant April 29, 2020

    Buy it! Its worth it!! I absolutely love this bed. I got it for my six-year-old son and he is in love with it too if it’s in perfectly. We put it together it just under four hours it took two people my only advice is make sure you have more than one screwdriver. Take your time the instructions are very clear and easy to understand.

  174. Jessica April 30, 2020

    Save your money, don’t do it. Not worth the cardboard and plywood it’s made of. Product arrived damaged on some of the inside, which won’t be noticeable put together. Takes a bit of time to put together, fairly simple instructions but not all the screws were labeled despite being in individual bags. Some were labeled 1,2,3, etc, some of them I had to compare to the paper. Assembled correctly it is wobbly, not secure, and I expect any weight on it would cause it to fall. I ended up using and industrial strength glue and some extra screws I had in my house to fix it up, but if I had known it was going to take so much extra effort I wouldn’t have bought it. Not really sure where all the good reviews are coming from.

  175. Taneshalynn3 April 30, 2020

    Easy to put together. Sturdy and looks great when done. Take your time and you’ll be happy with your purchase.

  176. Kathleen May 3, 2020

    Great for my 5 year old. This matress is perfect for my 5 year old daughter. We did not purchase a box spring so the height on her bed is not too high and easy for her to get in/out. To me, this matress is on the firmer side. If you are transitioning from a toddler to little kid bed, it will be smooth sailing!

  177. shannon May 3, 2020

    comfy. ok, so im so conflicted about this review because the bed is soooo comfortable. i purchased 3 for my children a year or so ago and the puffes right up. we waited the alotted amount of time and they seemed fine untill a month later i noticed like lumps in my youngest son mattress (5 years old. 40 pounds) i should have called them and given them the chance to rectify it and then this may have been a 5 star. i dont know anythinh about their customer service because i got side tracked and forgot about it for months and then it seemed silly to call. the bed if firm which i usually dont like but this bed it way more comfortable. i like sleeping on them mayself and i have a pillowtop extra solf bed.

  178. Lauren May 4, 2020

    Awesome quality! Great sturdy piece of furniture. I am literally 40 weeks pregnant and put this together by myself (had my 6 year old help steady the drawers to screw them together). It took about 4-5 hours to put together. Only thing I would say is just be careful of when you put together not to tighten the wrong cam screw as I did by accident – it caused it to expand before the other piece was put on but that was my fault. Very happy with this piece.

  179. PAmom5525 May 5, 2020

    Good for the price. my 2 boys each have one for their rooms. The one arrived scratched and the other didn’t take long to get scratched up. It does look nice and I hope it lasts. Both are black so I use a black sharpie to fill in the chips and marks. You get what you pay for and I know my boys are hard on their things.

  180. Pa May 5, 2020

    These mattresses are super cheap I mean you get what you pay for they were for my kids they don’t complain but the springs are starting to come through the bottom on both these are very cheaply made it’s been a little over a yr and they won’t last another yr invest in good mattresses to save yourself time and money in the long run

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