DIY Bed Skirt Tutorial | MATV

This bed skirt tutorial is just for one side of the bed & I made it very easy & simple. So please watch and let me know what you think.

Wrap Around Bed Skirt | Subrtex

We make sofa slipcovers, dining chair covers, wingback chair slipcovers, recliner slipcovers, ottoman slipcovers, mattress, and other home furnishings items.

Easy DIY Bed Skirt – Tutorial | Sew This Bedroom | Hobby Lobby®

Complete the look of your bed with this uniquely designed bed skirt, made with hook-and-loop fasters to fit snuggly onto your box springs. We'll show you how to ...

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bed skirt
bed skirt

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  1. Make life easy July 31, 2010

    Nice bedskirt, a little sheer. Overall, this is a nice ruffle, however I have a problem with the quality of the fabric. I assumed the fabric would be a little thicker, it seems too sheer to me. My bed is visible from the top of the stairs and you can see the division between the box spring and the floor through the fabric. Otherwise it is very nice, presses out nice and lays nice. Fits the mattress well.

  2. dubby October 5, 2011

    Best thing since sliced bead! Great !! was in stock, delivery very quickly. Best product since sliced bed. Easy to iron, very crisp looking, actually do not even need to iron, if you put in the dryer. Looks great on the bed and very easy to put on. You do not even need help. A one person can do it and not hurt your back lift the mattress and making the bed or changing is no problem as it stays put always. Love it!!!!!!

  3. njsd August 12, 2012

    Easy to use. Easy to put on and take off. Only draw back is the queen/king size is a little big for a queen size bed. Need to pin it to the mattress. I wonder if it would fit better if the double and queen sizes were combined. Easy to wash. No need to iron. I now have two of them.

  4. Floridaflea October 28, 2012

    I had a hard time finding an ivory bed skirt to match my quilt, so I took a chance and ordered it and was pleasantly surprised as it was an exact match to my quilt background.

  5. nlana December 21, 2012

    Very disappointed. Not sure how I missed it but this was only one sham. I order on line because my local store only had one of the shams in stock for several weeks, my bed has two pillows. With shipping this one sham was over $20. The ones in the store are $5.00. It is also more of a hassle to return because you can’t return these to the local store.

  6. Berberlynn February 14, 2013

    Don’t waste your money! These euro shams are not quality fabric at all. Very stiff and scratchy. I should have known since they were so cheap. Only reason I kept them is because I use them just for looks on my bed and don’t actually sleep on them. So for now they stay but as soon as I have it in my budget to replace them with the ones I want from pottery barn, I will. Don’t waste your money!

  7. waggy123 February 17, 2013

    I had compared prices on line and this was surpisingly low so I was elated when I saw the quality workmanship for that price. The color was exactly what I had hoped for and I cant wait to order something else.

  8. KindaPickyInMN April 29, 2013

    14 ” Cream Ivory Ruffle BS so Hard to find. Looked all over for two twin “plain” ruffled 14″ drop cream ivory bed skirts. I can’t believe how much time I spent looking for, and; I would think the manufacturers would make such a simple basic product. I will keep these until I find two twin “plain” ruffled 14″ drop cream ivory bed skirts; I also need one for my queen bed.

    I did not want eyelets but it looks fine with the quilt comforters.

    The material which goes across the bed frame is very thin; while adjusting one of the skirts, it ripped away from the bed skirt. So be very careful

  9. Mbshoper July 5, 2013

    Mainstays Bedskirt. Mainstays Bedskirt square version.Washed this on very delicate for a few minutes,hung it up to dry.The inner material was puckered and stuck together.When I tried to fix this the material ripped.Inner material is so thin you can see through it.I have bought regular Mainstay bedskirts in the past,they were fine.Put this one on my Son’s bed,it keeps sliding off,looks bad.You can see the white inner fabric sticking out.LOL
    Thank you for reading.

  10. vasara703 September 10, 2013

    Good Price, good product. Although I do not expect the bedskirt to last years, I believe the quality was pretty decent especially considering the price. If you need a bedskirt urgently and do not want to pay a lot, this is a good buy. it was also not shinny or girlie looking for my son’s room. the boxy fit made a perfect cover for any stored items under his bed.

  11. finallyretiredinflorida November 21, 2013

    Just what I needed! Looks great! Needed to finish up redecorating a bedroom.

  12. Aquagirl57 January 16, 2014

    Navy perfect match for python bed in a bag. The navy these come in is a litle lighter then a dark navy & was the perfect color of blue for my bed ina bag. Seems to be well made & should be durable. I was disappointed in the fit being an inch or so not wide enough, still made it work. Since I had the same problem with the bed in a bag fit I think I just have an off size mattress set.

  13. winsomerose January 17, 2014

    Easy! I did not remove the mattress. After removing from dryer(w/wet face cloth) I placed the ends at the end of the bed and slowly walked from side to side and within 1.1/2 minutes it was completed!! TaTa!!

    Easy breezy!

  14. Gabriellyn January 27, 2014

    Pleasantly Surprised. When I saw the reasonable price on this I hesitated to order it but decided to go ahead anyway. It came packaged beautifully and is soft to the touch and looks beautiful on the bed. I only gave it four stars for durability because I haven’t washed it yet. I do wonder about that, though, and definitely will be careful in doing so because of the liner especially with drying it. But…..other than that…’s a great looking dust ruffle and alot of bang for your buck.

  15. Consumer39 February 2, 2014

    Understated elegance. This bedskirt is just what I wanted. It’s simple design adds a finished look and a neutral color to the bed and allows the eye to travel to other features of the room. My only caution is to be very careful when ironing not to allow the iron to touch the obviously plasticized “fabric” of the under-mattress portion of the bedskirt. I was not aware, and my first iron stroke melted the fabric right at the seam where the skirt is attached. It does not show once on the bed, but annoying none the less.

  16. scarlet February 25, 2014

    No hassle or extra help needed! I decided to try the wrap around dust ruffle on my bedding set purchase. Very glad I got this, it looks great with the bedding and black accent pillows I purchased! Very easy to do with out any help in lifting the mattress. Smart Purchase if I say so myself!

  17. samantha101 March 8, 2014

    Great item……. I just love my new dust ruffle……The fact that it fits over the whole box spring instead of just being elastic around the just what I was looking for……The color is perfect…..When you open it, just throw it in the dryer with a wet cloth and it will come our really nice, put it on your bed, make your bed and WAA-LAA, looks beautiful….

  18. JanniePB March 28, 2014

    EYELET DUST RUFFLE. This is a cute dust ruffle. It has the eyelets on a slightly pleated bed skirt, but is not so overly-feminine that it would not be appropriate for a couple’s bed. It arrived very wrinkled from packaging, but that is easily fixed without ironing. Just toss it in the dryer on low heat with a wet towel. Remove after about 15 minutes and put right on the bed. Voila – no wrinkles! The skirt fits the bed perfectly, and comes just to the floor without dragging. I would recommend this bed skirt.

  19. Tina00c2002 March 29, 2014

    Shams are great! The shams are great. I threw them in the dryer for a few minutes to pull the creases out and they kept their shape beautifully. The color is true, and the value was exceptional.

  20. GrammaNatty April 1, 2014

    good quality. I ordered this bed skirt for my grandsons twin bed. The fabric is nice. I especially liked the fact that the white liner in the center was made out of soft polyester fabric… not the cheap paper thin lining that some bed skirts have that tears if you pull on it. I would have given it one more star, but It did not have split corners which I need. I will keep it and just cut the corners.

  21. Homesteader April 1, 2014

    So pretty. I have wanted a dust ruffle for years, because bedspreads are no longer made large enough to cover box springs. Due to my budget, I always told myself later. Well, this is a wonderful price and it enhances the general appearance of the room both consciously and subconsciously, making a cleaner, comforting, less cluttered looking environment.

  22. junbust May 6, 2014

    Good quality. The quality is very good for the price. The color is a very pale yellow. I would have preferred a little darker. The picture is deceiving. It is only slightly gathered. Not the full ruffles seen. All in all I am pleased with the purchase.

  23. Unlckyroll May 14, 2014

    Fuller around bed. Love the bedskirt but really need more gathers for the fuller effect. Some areas the skirt pulls across and hardly any gathers. Please consider because I would pay for the look

  24. Carolinashell May 19, 2014

    excellent quality. The 50/50 fabric content is much nicer than microfiber. As nice as bed skirts costing $40. This is a pure white, with no ivory. I am very pleased with the quality.

  25. ccmilw June 26, 2014

    Ivory color dsnt match. Unfortunately, this ivory is very light, pale ivory, not the creamy ivory I needed to match sheet set. Its also thick and stiffer material, not soft at all. Had it been the right shade of ivory I needed, I may have kept them though because they’d stay under the pillowcase pillows I actually sleep on. Also, washed them once & they ddnt soften at all. I rated value low because I found cheaper shams in ivory on Amazon.

  26. Respestfullyyours July 4, 2014

    Nice Presentation. Even though this product is nice and the presentation is excellent it is a bit overpriced. Found in another store for $7.00 less and minus the shipping I could have saved myself a bundle. My advice is to shop around first.

  27. whyichosetoshopinperson July 11, 2014

    Very Dissatisfied. Very misleading & over priced. Most pillow cases & pillow shams come in a set (of 2) these were sold separately. Definitely not worth the price for only one sham.

  28. Aquagirl57 July 22, 2014

    almost perfect. The white part that goes between the mattress and foundation is a little too wide. I had to make a lengthwise seam to reduce the width.
    The color matched the other components: quilt, sheets.
    Came out of the dryer without needing to be ironed.

  29. TexasLacey August 23, 2014

    Looks smart; plenty of body, not limp. Excellent choice. Very pleased, except not mentioned in the description was the pleat in the middle of each side, in addition to the one on the end corners; however, the pleats hang nicely.

  30. fultoncounty5 August 26, 2014

    Nice basic bed skirt. I bought a full size smart steel bed frame and wanted a tailored bed skirt to hide the frame. I use under bed storage containers and this skirt hides them nicely while allowing easy access. I have a higher bed too and plan on layering one skirt on the frame and another on the box springs for added dimension.

  31. jay921 October 26, 2014

    Great Bed Skirt. I ordered it because it was going around an adjustable bed with a metal bar at the foot which I had to work around, and also because it came in 14″. After washing and drying, put right on and it looks great – no ironing required. Looks cute and hangs well. Would recommend.

  32. Mom February 3, 2015

    Great idea….., but. We bought two of these things. The first one was white with eyelets, and the gold was on backorder. My husband helped me put the first one on and we had to safety pin it in place to keep it in position on the bed. No big deal since we have an adjustable bed and are used to things moving around. It looked nice a few weeks later I noticed an area that had a major flaw in the cutting and edging. It appeared that a big bite had been taken out of it when it was cut. It was on my husbands side and he would never notice things like that. Too late to call the company and ask for a replacement. A couple of weeks later the gold one arrived and I wanted to give it as a gift but because of the issue with the other one I plan on keeping it for our use and leaving it in the package it came in until we need it. I hope the quality control people on the gold line were better trained than the other one.

  33. Ann February 15, 2015

    Beautiful Dust Ruffle. The dust ruffle is beautiful. I am very pleased with the quality of the fabric and the embroidery work of the eyelets. The only reason that I did not give the dust ruffle a five star rating was because I did not receive the white dust ruffle that I ordered. Instead, I received the beige dust ruffle. However, it is lovely and I am keeping it.

  34. Loves to Decorate April 20, 2015

    Looks great! I have one of these in my guest room but wanted another to use in my bedroom with a variety of quilts. I like the bed ruffles that you do not have to put between the mattress and box spring. The elastic can slip off though when you are making the bed so I use quilting safety pins which are bent and safety pin them directly to my mattress. Works great!

  35. Chris August 4, 2015

    Easy Bed Skirt. I like this bed skirt. It’s pretty, it was easy to put on my queen size bed. My only complaint why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it fits a little loosely so the skirt sags a little in the middle of the side of the bed. But with a quilt or comforter over it, it’s not really noticeable. Just wish the fit was a little tighter. Maybe make 2 separate sizes for queen and king beds so the fit is better.

  36. MichelleR November 28, 2015

    Holes in it when came out of dryer! The white material had holes in it & other parts were totally stuck together when it came out of the dryer. And yes it was on a low heat as the directions said. I gently pulled the stuck together areas apart & most caused more holes when pulled. Terrible material quality!!!!

  37. tigerlily December 27, 2015

    jury is still out. Looks pretty but doesn’t work really well on split king adjustable bed. I’m using velcro pieces to keep it on the slick base. Need really full comforter or bedspread to cover the gathering at the top of this bedskirt. would probably work fine on cloth base box springs.

  38. Lance December 29, 2015

    Would recommend. This was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to cover the items stored under a guest bed that was on bed risers and this worked great. Buyers should know that there is no slit on the corners of this item so there can be bunching if the bed frame is very close to the mattress. For my needs, this was not an issue. Great price and good quality .

  39. mrblueu January 13, 2016

    Color is Similar. I wanted the white but at the time they only had the ivory available. I received the ivory and it is about as close to white you can get without being stark white. I also ordered it in the queen size and the fit is perfect. Be sure to measure length….that is from your bottom mattress to the floor. In the image, it displays the skirt going all the way to the floor….mine doesn’t. I like that mine doesn’t dray the floor because it stays cleaner and i can dust mop under the bed easier. It looks real nice and only an inch or so above the floor. Better for it to be too long than too short. If it’s too long, you can always fold a section in the middle. It’s amazing to me the high prices for a simple bed skirt but I needed one for my guest bedroom bed. This was the best reasonably priced I could locate on Walmart and in regards to what I wanted. I’m very satisfied with it.

  40. Houstonmama June 2, 2016

    Looks good. Purchased this in white for a queen size bed. The white color is a true stark white, exactly what I wanted. I had measured to make sure the 14″ drop would work and it does. I’ve only had it about a week but it seems to stay put and looks nice. Although it doesn’t look quite as pretty as the picture. It was a bit wrinkled coming out of the package but I didn’t bother ironing it and the wrinkles have relaxed already. Price is very fair, compared to other products. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.

  41. WeenieJaniney June 5, 2016

    Pretty but rough. I really like the look, but it’s rough like a hospital or jail pillowcase. Good for decoration but don’t try to sleep on it .

  42. bpmd4 August 9, 2016

    bed skirt. Perfect length and looks good with the quilt I already have.

  43. Resa August 19, 2016

    king ajustable bed bedskirt fix. I have a King size adjustable bed that is basically two x-long twin beds that attach at the head board. The problem with this set up is although it looks like a king bed it requires twin x-long fitted sheets and a king size flat, which is quite costly in sets. Since I like the look of a bed skirt I was very happy to kind some that are wrinkle free , boxed folded at corners and have a smooth shine that makes them look more expensive. I just got them and so far really like them. I do hope they shrink a little when washed to improve their fit. If that work I plan to order a different color to match my other sheet and comforter colors.

  44. AnaB September 14, 2016

    Washing more often. Because of the easy fit I can remove and put it back as I please having it cleaned more often. Really good quality.

  45. sarahj3337777777 November 5, 2016

    exactly what I wanted. This bedskirt is inexpensive- so if you want a thicker, more constructed look like the photo suggests, this is not the one. but I wanted something more simple, delicate, flowy to go with the design of my room and this is just right. it’s not ruffled, but falls with slight draping. I chose grey, which looks lighter if I hold it up in direct sunlight but appears dark grey when it’s lower on my bed frame. I also observed the recommendation to never put it in the dryer, and ironing the fabric sides on med-high was fine.

  46. Mirellie November 6, 2016

    Perfect! It worked perfectly for my tempur.pedic bed

  47. Cookie Dough Sews December 20, 2016

    So far so good. I have one of the new foam beds. The mattresses weigh a TON!!! With a traditional bed skirt, you have to be able to put part of it under the mattress. Just about impossible. Also, I have a bed that raises at the head with a motor. The bar at the end of the bed precludes using the traditional bed skirt that has to fit under the mattress. This has proven to be the perfect solution as it fits around the box spring and you can adjust the size. It took me and my granddaughter just a few minutes to get this on and it will be easy to get off and wash now too.

  48. annemoss December 28, 2016

    Great Fit. Works perfect with my Sleep Number bed. Easily wraps around and no need to have it under a heavy mattress. In my case, Sleep Number mattress are bolted to the base so this was ideal. Easily removed to be washed and replaced again. Glad someone finally came up with this idea.

  49. footballmomx2 January 24, 2017

    Perfect fit. Bought this in grey for an XL twin bed. It fits perfectly! The color looks exactly like the photo in description. It hangs perfectly and the material is very soft but holds it shape! Great product

  50. SharOhio January 30, 2017

    Good Item for the Price. This was a good item for the price, not too fancy, and a little thin. But it works for what I needed it for.

  51. Laura February 11, 2017

    Extra-long and looks nice. Bought this for our very tall guest room bed. I use the space under the bed for storage, so this bed skirt is great to hide everything. The bed skirt was a little longer than I needed, but I was able to just pin it down the middle to take it up a few inches. Now it’s perfect. I had trouble finding a long enough bed skirt, so I was excited to stumble across this one!

  52. Gewizz February 20, 2017

    Beautiful dust ruffle. Bought the XL version as the bed is an adjustable one. It fits perfectly, ironed up beautifully and looks great. At 10.00 I consider it a steal!

  53. Ksufan66547 February 25, 2017

    Looks good and easy to put on! With a king size bed its hard to find a bed skirt that fits correctly and doesn’t move when you make the bed. This is a perfect solution, its long enough and stays in place. I was able to put it on without any help and it looks great!

  54. janicethereader February 26, 2017

    Bedskirt did have split corners. Hey, I think that someone said this bedskirt didn’t have split corners but the one that I got did have split corners. It works great for my daughter’s twin bed. I feel like I got the full value for the amount of money that I spent.

  55. Sandee March 16, 2017

    Easy fit. Easy to put on but not perfect fit.

  56. Wheeze May 11, 2017

    Very pretty. There is no way you could go wrong with the purchase of this dust ruffle. It fits perfectly, looks beautiful, and the quality at this price is unbeatable. If you were a sewer there is no way you could make it for this price. Thrilled with my purchase.

  57. Diane July 30, 2017

    good fit. Good fit but a bit flimsy- suited my needs [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  58. Jane August 1, 2017

    Great bed skirt choice! Bed skirt is lovely. Fabric was quite wrinkled upon arrival and required ironing with steam which solved the problem. Liked the weight of the material and the way it hangs. Would buy another if it was available in white. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  59. Jerry August 6, 2017

    Good Purchase. Arrived quickly. Quick hot rinse and dry, and they looked great on bed. Very pleased and good price. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  60. Jill September 16, 2017

    Excellent Value and Fit. Excellent tailored bed skirt for the price. The corners fit very well and I like the length as it is not dragging on the floor. All in all a very good value. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  61. Dee November 6, 2017

    Elastic Bed Wrap Ruffle Bed Skirt. I am so pleased with the fit and quality of the bed skirt that I may order another this spring for my summer quilt.

  62. Susan November 18, 2017

    Overall very pleased and would order the same again. I used the bed skirt on a long awaited change from teenage boy to guest room update. It fit very well and went on easily. I was very pleased to find that 14″ actually meant 14″. The only down side is that the corner pleats needed to be ironed back in. I knew it was 100% cotton, but didn’t realize that also meant the pleats wouldn’t hold when I ran it through the dryer with a damp cloth to get out the shipping wrinkles. Overall very pleased and would order the same again.

  63. Janice December 6, 2017

    would recommend. good fit color was true to image on web site. Not a luxury item, but as long as you don’t look too close it works fine.

  64. Bernitta January 14, 2018

    For the value, I would purchase this product again. Bedskirt. The drop is well done, however, the flat on the box spring is a paper product. You don’t see it, but, difficult to firmly attach in place.

  65. dixies2cats May 7, 2018

    Red is Beautiful. Received this twin XL bedskirt in the color red, now before you decide that it is too loud. This is the most pleasing color of red I have seen. It is warm without a blast to the eye. I matched it with a quilt that has a variety of colors and it just makes the quilt stand out. It is truly an eye catcher without being too much color.
    The material of which this is made is call microfiber and the feel of the fabric is extremely soft and has a good hand feel. Straight from the package it had few wrinkles and hung out pretty well. Just a slight steam of the fabric and it was amazing. This bedskirt hangs straight around the bed frame and the fifteen inch drop is just right on my twin bed.
    After being on the bed for a while the bedskirt stays in place and has not gotten uneven on the edge so when you walk up to the bed all is straight and even. I have some needs for things to be correct and look in the manner in which it was designed.
    When I replace the bedskirts on my other beds, this will be at the top of my consideration. I really like the weight of the material in this bedskirt, it is not thin or too heavy, it hangs just right. I want to mention that the smallest item in a room can be the finishing touch it needs. This was that object of decorating.

  66. JessicaK May 20, 2018

    Thick Material. Beautifully detailed with seams going downward every so many feet so it does not look so flat and just laying there. Material is thick and remained wrinkle proof after I wash and dried it. It did not seem to shrink after being washed, and just brushes the floor. I love that it covers up what is under the bed, keeping the room looking tidy.

  67. lynns1954 May 20, 2018

    Great buy. It was the exact quality l was expecting. It fit my bed perfect

  68. Sweetcheeks June 22, 2018

    Easy to put on! Great purchase! Super, super easy to put on! So much easier to work with than your traditional style dust ruffle with having to fool with moving around the heavy mattress. Took me about one minute total to put on! Perfect length to floor! I would definitely recommend!

  69. Tammy July 2, 2018

    5 stars! The best fitting and prettiest bed skirt I have ever owned. And I’ve paid close to $40 for them before. It arrived much quicker than I expected.

  70. koalablue60 July 11, 2018
  71. thepinkmommy July 24, 2018

    a bit disappointed. It’s pretty. The fabric is thicker than I expected. The platform seems like it will hold up better than a similar one I have. My problem is that it does NOT have an 18″ drop. I needed every inch of the promised 18″…’s only 16″. So now I to figure out how to make it work or return it. The quality is there….just not the drop it boasts.

  72. kaddeedeadwoodsd August 13, 2018

    Luxurious looking… This bedskirt is full coverage on our box spring which I like. This Lux Decor bedskirt is durable, wrinkle free and easy care. It’s very attractive, tailored and the pleats are precise and the corners are neat and tailored. It fits well under my mattress and on top of the box spring. It doesn’t ride over the edges as some tend to do. The bedskirt has a generous drop creating hidden storage space beneath bed. I recommend this bedskirt and am sure you will like it.

  73. ND August 15, 2018

    Color looks great. Arrived quickly. The only downside is there is no split for the bottom corners, and our bed frame goes all the way around, so it bunches at the bottom corners instead of going to the floor like the sides. If your bed frame doesn’t have that, you will be good.

  74. MoonFirez August 18, 2018

    Beautiful and soft bed Skirt. I have the chance to try out and review. Bed Skirt Hotel Quality (Full Vanilla 14 inch Fall). This bed skirt is made of full micro fiber. It’s made soft and comfortable. This is a full bed skirt. So you have to move your mattress to install it. It has a great fit on your bed’s pedestal and it will drop over your bed pedestal 14 inches. If you need it a little shorter you can put a fold in it in the middle to make it shorter if need to. The care for this bed skirt is easy. When it’s time to machine wash I The bed skirt in cold water. It’s already pre-shrunk to avoid further shrinking. Then just put in the drier on low. When its dry you can iron it to remove any wrinkles. I really like the look of the bed skirt. It brings a little more classy look for my bed and bed room. Sometimes you never know when adding something small. Can made a big difference in a room. After I saw how nice the bed skirts look. I’m going to add bed skirt to all the beds in my house. I’m really glad I have the chance to try this product out. I’m going to give this product a five star rating.

  75. Dott August 18, 2018

    Nice Bed Skirt. If you want an affordable bed skirt then this is it. I am a big fan of bed skirts because they make your bed look finished. Also, if you are like me and use underbed storage boxes for my out of season bedding and pillows, the bed skirt offers a cover so that you don’t look like you belong on one of those TV hoarding shows! (laugh here). This bed skirt fabric is about the weight of a thin bed sheet. I also like that this one covers your box spring so that unlike the ones you just tuck in, it stays put without a lot of shifting around. I would recommend what I did, and that was to toss it in the dryer for a few minutes to help get the wrinkles out. Then I ironed the skirt part and used a little spray starch to give it a little more body. I am happy with it because it is a nice skirt for the money, by the time you add your comforter, sheets and pillows, it’s a nice look. The tailored skirt has pleats, so it has a nice clean look suitable for any decor.

  76. cactusbob August 19, 2018

    Very Light But Works. This is thin material not like the others I have. The color is great and matches my sheets. This is more like a flat sheet with corners. One side of the bed skirt was about 16 inches longer than the other, had to fold it over to get it to fit. Was not impressed with the size.
    Would not order this again.

  77. HanksMom August 23, 2018

    Awesome bed skirt. The Lux Décor Collection Tailored Bed skirt King Size white color fit on my bed just right. I washed the bed skirt on gentle cold water and tumbled dry. The bed skirt still came out with wrinkles but did not shrink. I did not iron as the package says not to iron. I sprayed the bed skirt with wrinkle releaser spray then put on the bed to see if the wrinkles would come out over time. Some of the wrinkles started to come out so I will just leave the bed skirt on the bed. The color was light so it goes with any sheets I put on the bed. The material is of lightweight fabric so I was very careful when I was putting it on and moving it around to get it all in place. The bed skirt was very easy to put on my bed. This bed skirt looks sophisticated and classy on my bed. This bed skirt is great for hiding all the boxes underneath my bed. I would like to get this bed skirt in different colors for the other bedrooms in my house.

  78. livetoshop2009 August 26, 2018

    Bright white, just a little short. So this bedskirt is a beautiful bright white color. makes the room look very crisp. the size of the bedskirt fit nicely however it did not touch the floor. i have a vintage bed so its not high at all yet i still have about a 1/2 inch exposed. not horribly noticeable to others looking at it but i know it. overall i like it and would recommend. i had horrible lighting in my room so the photo looks off white, but this is a bright white!

  79. QueenRi August 26, 2018

    Good quality. I received this product from the Spark Review Program to try out for review. Very good quality bed skirt. Nice and thick. Easy to put on, doesn’t slide every where. Nice color. Thank you

  80. Authorsue1 August 28, 2018

    Great Quality. I was surprised at the quality of this bed skirt. I know it says good quality on the package, but some promoters don’t exactly see the same quality most do. But this is not only a great quality, it ‘feels’ really good to the touch. I didn’t put a bedskirt on my bed because I have a gray and black quilt, and I wasn’t sure if I could find something to match that I like. But I did! And I love it!

  81. Shak45 September 2, 2018

    Nice quality bed skirt. This bedskirt by Lux Decor Collection is for a Full size bed. It’s 54″x75″ (137cm x 190cm). The drop length is 14″. It features a easy care fabric and gives your bed a finished, polished look.

  82. Jeanne October 26, 2018

    Bedskirt. Arrived quickly. Love the material and color”taupe” was perfect, on target. Very pleased with this purchase.

  83. Jennie November 7, 2018

    Love my bedruffle. Excellent purchase, good quality! I would recommend..

  84. DaMommas November 13, 2018

    Highly recommended. My bed is a queen, and I recently added risers to lift it so I could use it for storage. I bought this in king to hide the under the bed storage. Before using I placed in the dryer with a damp towel to remove packing wrinkles. Worked like a charm! The color was true to what was advertised, and I like that the entire skirt is the same color. I would highly recommend this.

  85. Maks November 26, 2018

    FRM. This is a really poor quality item. You can not get the winkles out either by washing or ironing. The part that covers the box springs burns if you even get the iron close. Walmart should pull this item from it’s site.

  86. Colliefan February 6, 2019

    Perfect Tailored Bedskirt. Easy to care for fabric which hangs well. All I had to do was tumble on low to get the wrinkles out. The light gray color matches the floral with gray coverlet perfectly. Mist of all As others have mentioned it’s nice to have the gray color on the foundation section as well. No white to peek through. Great value for the price!

  87. Barbara February 11, 2019

    I would buy this product again for sure. Material irons really easy. I LOVE being able to attach a bed skirt this way rather than try to lift a heavy mattress and keep the material straight and in place between the mattress and the box spring. This is the way to go for sure! Would like to see more styles, material, and colors, assuming others feel the same way I do.

  88. MonkeysMamma February 21, 2019

    These look great on my sons twin bed. This looks great on my son’s twin size bed. We have the red bed skirt on the bottom and it looks really nice. He really loves minecraft and wanted to use a red bedskirt to make it appear to be lava. All of his friends love coming over to visit and have said how cool it looks with his bedding. It’s very high quality and very thick material. I would highly recommend this product.

  89. AJ February 24, 2019

    Great Price – Highly Recommend! I was a little unsure about buying this because there was only one review – but I’m glad I did! I am ashamed to admit how many shoes I have and I needed to store boxes of them under my bed. This bed skirt hides my shameful addiction perfectly. And you can’t beat the price!

  90. Gere February 26, 2019

    Love this. I bought one of these and then bought two more! One for my king size bed and two for the Queens. All the same size and they fit all the beds perfectly and easy to install!

  91. Okay March 14, 2019

    Not recommended. Actual product does not look like photo online. Poor quality. Very thin. Not attractive. Covers space between bed and floor if this is your only purpose.

  92. petalpusher March 25, 2019

    Ok for the price!!! Good value for the price. I was wanting this bed skirt to be more straight hanging . It was more of a ruffle.

  93. Kim April 10, 2019

    Nice Surprise. Very pleasantly surprised – the top of this bedskirt is cloth (not that “paper” stuff), so it is washable! As the listing says, it is soft, although I would prefer a crisper skirt. But for the price, it’s great! Definitely recommend!

  94. Steve April 18, 2019

    I have yet to put this bed skirt on the bed. It is for a beach cabin. Though when removing it from the packages it seems to be just what the bed needs. It looks to be decent in quality. The color is just what we needed to enhance the room. Without putting it on the bed yet. I can only give it a three star rating. I hope that it will be a 5 when I put it on the bed.

  95. maxx10 May 11, 2019

    Really thin material and the corner pleats will not stay together.
    Would not buy again.

  96. Marie June 8, 2019

    Great bed skirt and great price. I love that the middle is the same material and color as the shirt and not the white paper gauze that rips and stands out if not a perfect fit.

  97. jb7179 June 10, 2019

    Very nice quality. Better than any bed skirt I have purchased before.

  98. unhappy June 26, 2019

    Happy Customer! This is by far the best bedskirt that I have ever purchased! It is wrinkle resistant and has the same material as the skirt does on the part that lays under the mattress. Most bedskirts or dust ruffles use an interfacing type material that tears quickly.
    The bedskirt was a little wrinkled from being packaged. I threw it in the dryer for a few minutes and it came out nice and smooth.

  99. Jeanette July 3, 2019

    Beautiful teal/sage green not gray. This is one of my favorite purchases! It was easy to slip on the bed and it looks exactly as pictured. The reason I selected this bed skirt was it looked more teal in color than gray. Which was exactly what I needed.

  100. DJ July 20, 2019

    Third Time The Charm! I had seen the advertisement in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, for this bedding set. I was impressed! Browsed online, and in store, only to find it all out of stock. Patiently waited a while and browsed, again. Only to find it re-stocked. Happy also, to find the king size shams, to match. It took a couple of orders to complete the individual sold items, to complete the entire set. It was a gift. Plus, previously purchased two other BHG Bedding Sets for myself. I am quite impressed!

  101. fizzdizz July 26, 2019

    Beautiful Bed Skirt. I really loved this bed skirt from YOUR ZONE. The bed skirt is made out of microfiber which makes it soft to the touch and it fit perfectly on my bed. This was super easy to wash as well i just threw it in the washing machine before i put it on and it came out perfect.Comes in assorted colors. Highly recommend! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  102. Tina July 28, 2019

    It’s a very thin material. Very thin material, useable but not great quality.

  103. Tins08 July 28, 2019

    Bed Skirt. I got the Ruffled Microfiber Bed skirt in pink to match my little girls conferter and I love it. It dresses her bed up so nice and It was the right color and the material was excellent to. Thanks so much for letting us review it and putting something cute on the bed. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  104. Winnie90 July 29, 2019

    Your average Bed Skirt. So to me this is a typical bed skirt, I wouldn’t say it has any extra benefits that other bedskirts I have bought or tried don’t have. The 100% polyester material is very light and thin. Easy to put on your bed and the right length for the bed. You might want to iron this bedskirt when it comes right out of the little pocket like pouch it comes in from the store (which I have not done yet as you will see from my picture) This comes nicely stored in a little pouch that is compact. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  105. Catalina July 30, 2019

    Nothing Special. The full/queen Ruffled Microfiber Bed Skirt actually fit both size beds with no problem. The bed skirt itself is a basic no frills bed skirt. Now while it does its job it lacks style. The bed skirt color I chose was lilac and it was a nice shade of lilac. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  106. Angelabdreamz August 5, 2019

    Nice Bed Skirt! Well made. This bed skirt made my child’s bed look so nice! I love how easy it was to put on the bed, no hassle at all. This bed skirt would be ideal for anyone. Well made, too. The whole bed just looks better, more put together and chic. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  107. Audrajelora August 8, 2019

    Cutest bedskirt ever. One of the nicest bed skirts I have found! It’s really well made & not super thin like some cheaper brands. It fits my daughter’s bed perfectly & matches her decor perfectly also. I’ve really struggled with finding the right color to match, but this one hits the mark! Amazing value, you can’t beat it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  108. Iggy August 12, 2019

    The flat part that goes under the bed is white papery material and tends to show a little. I got mine in beige ( if you get it in anything other than white) and doesn’t look right.

    The material of the actual drop part is quite good, 60% cotton. But unfortunately doesn’t help since the cheap white part shows.

  109. Llamamomma77 August 13, 2019

    High Quailty. I felt like the Ruffled Microfiber Bed Skirt in Light Pink matched beautifully with my daughters bedroom. It was the perfect fit and look like it was made with high quality materials. I didn’t like how easily it wrinkled and stayed that way. Would recommend ironing to make the finished product fit. Overall its a great product at a great price. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  110. Amy August 18, 2019

    Bedskirt. Not as nice looking as pictured. Thinner material than expected. Doesn’t lay straight.

  111. Daughteroftheking August 24, 2019

    Elegant looking bed skirt. We had a prior bedskirt but fell apart at the seams after my kids rough houses too much on our bed. What I like about this new bedskirt is that it doesn’t go all the down to the floor so there is about 2 inches of space. It gives it a cleaner and more elegant look. We got the grey and it pairs well with our beige headboard. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  112. Ceaar September 11, 2019

    Sr. Exelente

  113. outdoors September 11, 2019

    good purchase. fit was perfect. material was heavy and hung very nicely.

  114. LeeMT September 26, 2019

    Better than the elastic ones. As easy to set up as throwing on a sheet. I chose this one due to the reviews I read on how difficult the elastic wrap-around bedskirts are to install. I am pleased with this item.

  115. tutulinda October 7, 2019

    good quality, good price. this skirt is a little tricky to put on the first time but once it’s on, it works just fine. when you are putting a clean sheet on, pull the skirt down an inch or two, get the sheet on the mattress nice and tight then pull the skirt back up into place.

  116. Lindy October 16, 2019

    Color is true to photo

  117. Patty November 5, 2019

    Good same material throughout the whole bedskirt, no cheap white fabric in the middle

  118. Comsumer November 20, 2019

    Premium Bed skirt. The quality is good. Iron’s well. The burgundy leans more to the red side than burgundy. For my purpose it works.

  119. Noni December 11, 2019

    White Dust Ruffle. Great for the price, fits perfectly,? I did iron it as it needed a little touch up!? A very nice white!

  120. Sherry December 19, 2019

    Bedskirt 21 inch. I really like the bedskirt. Waiting for someone to help me put in on. I was hoping it would have been a wrap around because without help you can’t get it on. It was very hard to find a 21 inch drop without paying a arm and leg, but luckily had one and well priced. Thank you walmart.

  121. superdupper December 27, 2019

    darker gray than shown. color is darker than shown. I want to return but it does not give the option.

  122. Arty January 6, 2020

    Nice product, need to iron it before you put it on. Nice product, but be aware if you want to look right you either have to iron it or take it to the dry cleaners before you put it on the bed.

  123. Mom1 January 12, 2020

    The finishing touch! Love the quality of this bedskirt! I ironed the wrinkles out and it looks beautiful on the bed. Love the tailored look versus ruffles. Finished my bedding project off perfectly

  124. Daina February 5, 2020

    Elegant look. It makes the bedroom look more elegant. I also liked the material that goes under the mattress. It is regular fabrics also.

  125. Sharona February 13, 2020

    One perfect…2nd one not so much. I ordered 2 of these. One was perfect condition and a nice cotton weight. The 2nd one was dirty and had defective thread running around the whole skirt.

  126. Weekly February 13, 2020
  127. MadMomma February 21, 2020

    This is Purple? Not even close. The color doesn’t even come close to purple!
    The photo online resembles a purple mauve and what I got was like a very dark wine, almost brown color.
    I know monitors show colors different, but this was way off!

  128. Shirley February 25, 2020

    Pleasantly surprised! I rinsed it out before placing it on my bed and had my iron ready, but I didn’t need it! It washed and dried beautifully with no wrinkles (I took it out of the dryer right away). Very pleased with the material. It did not fade either. The drop is accurate – 14″…exactly what I needed.

  129. CNYorker February 26, 2020

    Great touch to finishing new bed set! Needed skirt to finish my moms new bed. Very happy with this
    item. NOTE you need to iron before placing on box springs

  130. Summer February 27, 2020

    Perfect. Color accurate, size is perfect.

  131. sarah March 12, 2020

    Nice Fit. I gave this bed skirt a five star because the material is very nice. It’s not thin, it was also very easy to put on the bed. At the end of one side it has a band of elastic with button holes and a button just in case you need to make it smaller. I ironed it before I put it on. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  132. Linda March 15, 2020

    Bedskirt. Liked the skirt very much but it was way to dark . Used it anyway and it all came together for a nice finish.Only gave it a 3 star because the skirt is almost black not even close to the picture.

  133. Nala April 1, 2020

    Exactly what you expected. One side doesnt have black sheets but that side is meant for a bed frame.

  134. KatyR April 2, 2020

    Good for the price. If you have a bed frame, the skirt bunches up at the corners, and never looks neat like in the picture.
    It did fit though and is soft and bright white. The price was the lowest I have seen, so you get what you pay for.
    It shipped quick, and got here just before I really needed it. Quicker then stated.

  135. mothergoose April 2, 2020

    Hit the jackpot! Love, love, love! Best bed skirt I’ve ever had! All fabric — not that cheesy paper-like stuff on top. Went on perfectly. Looks great!

  136. DCL1 April 8, 2020

    Really nice love the fit

  137. Vray April 11, 2020

    end results sloppy appearance. the 2 sizes is a nice idea but not so in practice. although the velcro is strong it keeps pulling apart making the skirt fit sloppy!

  138. Joyw April 12, 2020

    Dust Ruffle. Easy to put on and looks good on the bed. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

  139. Susan April 13, 2020

    Love this bedskirt. Goes great with my quilt.

  140. Ruth April 14, 2020

    Easy to use!! Perfect fit

  141. Mmceesay81 April 14, 2020
  142. Momagain40 April 15, 2020

    Easy to use, easy to afford! Super easy to put on. Good fit on my king sized bed. The white skirt is very bright white. More of a blue white than a soft white. Doesn’t exactly match my duvet cover but it works. The material is not thin but not overly think. I can vaguely see through the fabric where my box spring ends and the space under the bed begins. It also has an adjustable band (like what is used in some boys jeans to adjust the waist size) where you can tighten up the elastic as it gets less stretchy or for a smaller bed.

  143. Valarie April 15, 2020

    Waste. Waste doesn?t stay I place on bed

  144. Anna April 15, 2020

    Not pleased. Size good, but fabric thin and very wrinlkled, not happy with quality.

  145. verymad1 April 16, 2020

    Satisfied. The fit is good. It even comes with velcro attachments so it can stay on the box spring. Great color. Only thing is that theres a little overhang on a full size bed. Fits perfectly on a queen size bed, I would imagine.

  146. Jamie April 16, 2020

    Not wrinkle free. If you’re looking for this exact look, don’t buy this. The details said wrinkle free, but it came all wrinkled and doesn’t have look as what’s in the picture you see. Other than that, for the price, it at least covers the ugly bed frame and box springs

  147. eer1e April 16, 2020

    Decent for the Price. I kept mine cuz the price is fair and its hidden on my bed–so you don’t really get to see the poor quality–but i will not repurchase in the future.

  148. Vickie April 16, 2020

    Great design -no mattress moving involved. Wonderful design that does not require moving a mattress. Fabric is a little see through, but not too obvious. Would be willing to pay a little more for a thicker fabric. Has washed well and held up well. Would by again.

  149. Rosemary April 17, 2020

    Ruffle. Just what I needed. Looks lovely!

  150. ellen April 18, 2020

    Pleated bed skirt- highly recommend! Great style at a reasonable price. Don’t let description name fool you, this IS a bed skirt, Not a dust ruffle. Only reason I gave 9 instead of 10 in fabric is a little too sheer. I don’t know what the “1800” in the description means, but surely it IS NOT thread count. Also, the part that goes under the mattress is fabric, not the cheap paper/fabric i’ve had before. Bottom line: great style

  151. Marilyn April 18, 2020

    Bed Skirt. I am very pleased with this purchase. It feels so good and fits great.

  152. Mandi April 18, 2020

    Black bed skirt had white stitching. I bought a black bed skirt. Quality was great, but the stitching of the black bed skirt was WHITE. ??

  153. LloydF April 18, 2020

    Great Product. Perfect! Just what I expected. Fast and free shipping also.

  154. derek April 19, 2020

    Meh. An OK value at $15, but not like pictures. For the price, it is “meh”. Definitely not as pictured. Illustration shows a structured and weighty appearing item. It is in reality, nearly gossamer thin, not tailored and quite wrinkled (though the wrinkles seem to be coming out). But it was under $20 and it is the right length. So I’ll keep it and use it.

  155. Brizeiry April 20, 2020

    great material and the color is pretty exact. It went great with my daughter’s bed sheets.

  156. Jennie April 20, 2020

    Bed Skirt. I didn’t bother to return it because it was inexpensive, but it doesn’t look like the picture. The ruffles are not even close to being as full as in the picture, and off white usually means off white or cream color, NOT BEIGE! If you need a light shade, I would go with the white. It’s ok for the price.

  157. Laney April 23, 2020

    Okay, but not as advertised. Doesn’t look anything like the picture. Very thin and see through. I had read that on other sites but I needed the length. Even then it was so long. Made it work though and it was a good price Walmart was cheapest – 21 inch drop is hard to find.

  158. TLHo April 24, 2020

    Very good. Looks good. Washes well and hangs nice. Good value.

  159. Clare April 25, 2020

    Very nice! Nice quality of material. Made well. Color is almost true to picture. I steamed out the wrinkles, and that worked perfectly.

  160. Mblahblah April 25, 2020

    VERY PRETTY PASTEL PINK. Fits well, nice light-weight micro fiber material, very pretty pastel pink. Just above floor when on the box springs. No complaints but do wish it came in a pale green or blue.

  161. kelly April 25, 2020

    It’s ok. Thin material and not really as shown in the picture even with ironing…it’s not as sharp or crisp as I expected it to be but it does the job.

  162. rosanna April 25, 2020

    Recommend. Just what I was looking for and the price was great.

  163. Deborah April 28, 2020

    Great elastic bed skirt. This white queen/king elastic bed skirt is really good quality with lots of fullness. It was so easy to put on, too! The price was amazing, for the quality, whenconsidering others I’ve tried and returned. It’s a decent thickness, which covers the frame, etc., very well. I love the fullness and the fabric.

  164. grounds April 28, 2020

    do not buy. way too long and very cheap material.

  165. RMT1982 April 29, 2020

    Sized Wrong. I gave this one star because I can’t give it zero. The description is horrible. It said it was full but the package said TWIN XL/FULL. When I tried to put it on a full size bed, it was WAY too small. I won’t be sending it back because doing a return is worth more hassle than I willing to deal with at this time.

  166. Matthew April 29, 2020

    OVERPRICED, POOR QUALITY. Paid $16, waited 3 weeks for it to arrive, and was very disappointed with the quality. I’m afraid to even wash it, because I suspect it’ll fall apart.

  167. zulma April 29, 2020

    I like it ! It was a very cute addition to my bed. It was a little shorter than expected but it doesn’t bother me. I would advise measuring before purchase!

  168. Jabeen April 29, 2020
  169. Tammy April 29, 2020
  170. Deborah May 1, 2020

    Satisfied. The skirt fits perfect. Could not ask for a better color. Very beautiful.

  171. Repent13 May 2, 2020

    The color and fit is perfect on my bed.

  172. Chris May 2, 2020

    Very nice bed skirt for a very good price. I love this bed skirt and the fit. Even though I washed it before placing it on the bed, it required no ironing and hangs beautifully. Very nice bed skirt for a very good price.

  173. M0rgansmom May 3, 2020

    Beautiful bed skirt! Just was I was looking for !

  174. M0rgansmom May 3, 2020

    Beautiful bed skirt ! Beautiful! It’s exactly what I was looking for !

  175. bathbeachbabe May 4, 2020

    Great!! Just what I wanted. Perfect!

  176. Debra May 4, 2020

    Fit perfectly and color was exactly what was pictured!!

  177. christie May 4, 2020

    skirt tore when placing it on the bedframe. It isn’t sewn well to the base piece.

  178. Kim May 4, 2020

    A beautiful bedskirt! I love that the ruffle and base that goes under the mattress is the same color.

  179. Elena May 4, 2020

    Loved it! I liked the quality, size was perfect

  180. Cindy May 4, 2020

    Dust ruffle. Love this item, just what I wanted. Fits perfectly

  181. PjPink May 4, 2020

    Smelled awful!!! Waste of money, threw away! When I opened this is smelled horrendous!!! I washed it twice and it still smelled so I threw it away. Would’ve returned it but the package got thrown away. Worst smell ever!!!!

  182. Tryin2bhelpful May 4, 2020

    Love the new bed skirt! Just what I was looking for… a decent looking and quality, reasonably priced bed skirt! Color is as is from the picture! Pleats in the middle sides are an extra attractiveness! Ironing required from packaging… which was simple!

  183. ellen May 5, 2020

    2nd one I have purchased. first one for guestroom queen, this for master, king. great style for the price. Came quickly, highly recommend.

  184. leslie May 5, 2020

    Bud skirt. Liked the color but did not touch the floor on my bed

  185. Felisha May 5, 2020

    Great purchase. The bed skirt arrived on time and in good condition. The bed skirt fit my son’s queen size bed perfectly at each corner of the box spring.

  186. Aahy May 5, 2020

    Nice color well made. Nice rose pink color…good quality fabric

  187. Maria May 5, 2020
  188. Jeanette May 5, 2020

    Great for hiding that under the bed clutter

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