yogurt taste sour and sweet, rich in nutrition, but also has a variety of health functions, is a health drink in the eyes of nutrition experts. In fact, for the following categories of people, yogurt benefits more.


1. Lactose in milk is the “prime culprit” of milk diarrhea. In the process of milk fermentation into yoghurt, lactose is partially converted into lactic acid and other organic acids, which will reduce the problem of “lactose intolerance”. In addition, lactic acid bacteria itself will produce a large number of “lactase” to help the human body digest lactose. Therefore, lactose intolerant people are most suitable to drink yogurt.

2. Studies have shown that drinking yogurt can not only improve the level of vitamin D in human body, thus regulating immunity, promoting the control of blood glucose, but also improve the level of adiponectin, which is a hormone secreted by adipocytes, which has the effect of resisting inflammation and regulating blood glucose metabolism. Therefore, patients with diabetes can drink half a kilogram of sugar free yogurt every day, and they can drink low-fat yogurt to worry about blood fat. In addition, yogurt has a low blood glucose response, which can reduce the blood glucose reaction of mixed food and is conducive to the control of blood glucose.


3. Studies at home and abroad show that moderate intake of dairy products is conducive to the prevention and control of hypertension, low-fat dairy products and fermented dairy products are conducive to the prevention and control of stroke. In fact, yogurt is more recognized for its health benefits than milk. Even if no live bacteria reach the large intestine, the nutrients in it are very beneficial for controlling blood pressure. Arteriosclerosis, hypertension people are suitable to drink yogurt. People taking antibiotics. Antibiotics can cause intestinal flora disorder and reduce immunity. Therefore, people taking antibiotics should often drink yogurt to adjust the flora balance and protect human body resistance. After stopping the medicine, continue to drink yogurt for a period of time, which can greatly reduce the side effects of antibiotics and restore the balance of human normal flora.

5. After the fermentation of milk, the solubility of calcium and phosphorus increased and the absorption rate improved. Studies have confirmed that yogurt is the highest calcium absorption rate of natural food, especially suitable for patients with osteoporosis. People with dyspepsia. Compared with ordinary milk, the protein in yoghurt is more easily absorbed. The lactic acid produced after fermentation can inhibit the reproduction of harmful microorganisms, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive juice, and improve the absorption rate of various minerals. It is especially suitable for people with dyspepsia, the elderly and children.

7. Yogurt contains a large number of active lactic acid bacteria, which can effectively regulate the balance of bacteria in the body, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and relieve constipation. Drinking on an empty stomach can better promote defecation.

8. People with bad breath. Studies have shown that people with bad breath, drink sugar free yogurt every day for six weeks, the symptoms will be improved. This is mainly because probiotics in yogurt play a role in the intestinal tract, and vitamin D in yogurt also has the effect of killing bacteria causing halitosis in the gastrointestinal tract. It should be noted that the germicidal efficacy of sugary yogurt will be greatly reduced.

9. People with low immunity. Studies at home and abroad have proved that yogurt intake can activate the immune system function of the whole body and inhibit tumor. ▲

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