many people like a cold dish – cold jellyfish silk, there may be fake! Recently, Zhejiang Huzhou Public Security Bureau cracked a case of illegal production and sale of “artificial jellyfish silk”. More than 10 tons of artificial jellyfish seized by


were all artificially synthesized from chemical raw materials, and the main components were sodium alginate, calcium chloride, ammonium aluminum sulfate (alum), etc. Illegal personnel will mix the three raw materials according to a certain proportion, and then add food additives, after chemical reaction, the so-called jellyfish silk is formed. After testing, these “jellyfish silk” aluminum content seriously exceeded the standard, reached 600 ~ 800 mg, eat more easily heavy metal poisoning, damage the nervous system. Long term consumption will also affect the absorption of calcium, iron and other minerals, leading to osteoporosis, anemia and other problems. Moreover, sodium alginate contains more cellulose, and eating too much will affect the absorption of nutrients.

so, how should we distinguish the true and false jellyfish silk? First of all, look at the appearance, the fake jellyfish silk is transparent, very strong toughness, gently pulled by hand is not easy to break, take it out of the water for a while, it will be as soft as transparent tape; while the real jellyfish silk should be white or light yellow, with color, no red spots and sand, only complete shape, no sting whiskers, thick and tough meat. Secondly, smell to see if there is a fishy smell. The false jellyfish has no smell or chemical smell, while the real jellyfish has a strong fishy smell. Finally, spread out the jellyfish silk by hand. The bigger, whiter and thinner the better. ▲

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