winter is the peak season to eat oranges. In Guangdong, oranges are more auspicious, so every family will put oranges on the new year’s day. In fact, orange is not only rich in nutrition, but also valuable in every part of it! Take a look, don’t lose the baby! What is the nutritional value of


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oranges? Beauty: oranges are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, the former has the beauty effect, the latter has the function of eliminating fatigue.

2. Defecation: the inside thin peel of orange contains dietary fiber and pectin, which can promote defecation and reduce cholesterol. Beneficial to cardiovascular system: hesperidin can strengthen the tenacity of capillaries, reduce blood pressure and dilate the coronary artery of the heart. Therefore, orange is a food to prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Studies have confirmed that eating citrus can reduce the cholesterol deposited in arterial vessels and help reverse atherosclerosis.

4. Anticancer: in the fresh orange juice, there is a substance with strong anti-cancer activity, “nomiling”, which can decompose carcinogenic chemicals, inhibit and block the growth of cancer cells, increase the activity of detoxifying enzymes in human body, prevent the damage of carcinogens to cell nucleus, and protect the integrity of genes.

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