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: Wei Zixiao, executive director of the Chinese medicinal diet Research Association,

there is a Chinese saying called “tonifying in winter and fighting tigers in spring”, which vividly illustrates that the “essence” of the human body can be preserved by adjusting and toning in winter, and the celestial bodies will become very strong in the next spring. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “heaven and man correspond”, that is to say, the physiological function of the human body changes with the seasons. It is the same as the growth performance of animals and plants in nature, and has the characteristics of “spring, summer, autumn harvest and winter storage”. Winter is the season to seal the Tibetan, is a good time for tonic, so the folk have the custom of eating mutton during the winter solstice.

Danggui, ginger and mutton soup comes from the ancient famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing’s “synopsis of the Golden Chamber”. The original prescription is used to treat patients with abdominal pain, belonging to deficiency syndrome and cold syndrome. Later, because the main ingredients in the prescription are mutton and ginger for daily food, Angelica is often used to make food, which belongs to the same source of medicine and food. Therefore, it is included in the medicinal diet and loved by the common people.


method: take 30 grams of Angelica sinensis and 60 grams of ginger. Angelica sinensis has fat head, big body, few tail whiskers, golden or brown skin, full flesh, white section, strong and sweet taste. 750 grams of mutton, with the smell of smell light is better. Onion 30g, the root neck thick, strong, the elderly is better. 50 ml yellow rice wine is produced in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. It is fragrant and mellow. 15 grams of salt. Cut mutton into pieces, blanch and set aside; wash Angelica sinensis with water and slice scallion and ginger. Put mutton, scallion, rice wine and Angelica in a sand pot with proper amount of boiling water. After boiling over fire, use slow fire for about 1 hour. Season with salt and serve.


are applicable to people with blood deficiency and yang deficiency constitution, which are often manifested as fatigue, dizziness, palpitation and fear of cold. Sub healthy or healthy people are used as daily food and health care. However, patients with dry mouth, sore throat and dry stool should be used with caution. Generally speaking,


conform to the nature in winter, but warm supplement is not limited to replenish qi and Yang. Danggui ginger mutton soup is a good example of nourishing blood, warming and dispersing cold. The material of this prescription is easy to take and easy to make, so it is suitable for taking as medicine diet in winter. It is especially suitable for people with blood deficiency and Yin cold constitution, such as yellow complexion and lusterless, fear of cold and tiredness. Healthy people can be taken as beauty and health care products. If you have dry stool, yellow urine, dry mouth or sticky mouth after eating, it means that you are Yang Sheng constitution (partial heat) or mixed with real heat and damp heat, you can not eat this soup, so as to avoid the situation of “oiling the fire”. ▲

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