is cooked, the fish meat is not well handled and easy to have fishy smell, which makes many people who like to eat fish troubled. How to solve this problem?

first of all, it is best to kill the fish immediately, and quickly cut off the common carotid artery (gill base) with a knife or scissors. Don’t let the fish struggle for a long time to die, otherwise the blood stasis in the fish will aggravate the fishy smell. After slaughtering, wash with clean water in time, do not let the blood clot in the incision. Many fish abdomen must be removed from the black film, because this layer of black film not only has a strong fishy smell, but also a certain bitter taste.

secondly, in cooking, you can first marinate with cooking wine, which contains a certain amount of alcohol, which can dissolve the fishy substances and volatilize them in the heating process. It’s also a good way to start fish with vinegar or a few drops of lemon juice. In addition, cooking with onion, ginger, garlic and other seasonings can also effectively remove the smell.


finally, there are several kinds of fish deodorization methods. For catfish and other scaleless fish, the gum on the surface of the body is often one of the sources of fishy smell. When slaughtered, it can be washed with salt, or washed with flour or starch mixed salt, which can effectively remove the gum on the skin surface. For carp, the two white tendons on both sides of the belly (one on each side) are the source of the fishy smell. A knife is used to cut about 3cm under the gill to pull out the white tendons, which can greatly reduce the fishy smell. When the yellow croaker is slaughtered, removing the skin on the top of the fish head can greatly reduce the fishy smell. Fish with more fat, such as eel and saury, also have a strong fishy smell. You can fry more slowly for a while, or simply use the charcoal fire to roast, the fish is more fragrant. ▲

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