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These are the 5 Things I Miss About Samsung Galaxy Phones

I left Android at the end of 2019 and despite loving those phones, I am happy with my iPhone. What are the things I miss about Android?

Why I left Android:
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  1. Travis MCP May 14, 2020

    Why I left Android: https://youtu.be/rjCTbLjSoQg

  2. Fernando Flores May 14, 2020

    I’m a simple man. iPhone is plenty phone for me. Used to rock android for years. Never used iPhone til I got the SE in 2016. Waiting for the small iPhone 12. That is all.

  3. Lawrence Chijioke May 14, 2020

    Travis ma man you are right but you are confusing software with hardware. hard wear wise all phones from Samsung look the same so does all phones from TCL and also all phones from apple look the same and I don’t switch my phones year like you do to see that different I am on iPhone X thinking on the 12 on next year depending on the deals I get in that lineup

  4. Ceazmatic May 14, 2020

    why does travis always face the camera at an angle

  5. Foxceekgameing Dan youtube May 14, 2020

    Do iPhone X for Amazon renewed

  6. Andy May 14, 2020

    Firstly, I love this guy. He's hugely entertaining and is doing his own thing and making his brand. I might be the only one annoyed by this. Why is there so many things happening with the screen. Anytime there's a breath or what would be a comma on paper there's a tiny zoom in or out. Please stop that. That's all I notice now. It's driving me nuts. Keep up the good work though. I luv ya. But stop with that thing.

  7. C Squared Gaming May 14, 2020

    I carry 2 phones. iPhone and Samsung Note 9. iPhone for work and Android for personal. Just works best that way for me. Great Vid!

  8. Edi Utomo Putra May 14, 2020

    I just bought an iphone xr 2 weeks ago but not yet fully switching from my note 9, I missed most of android feature. But i quite like the ios/iphone though. But i think, ya i am still android guy 🤣.

    1. File systems, man i don’t know how to transfer my non media file to windows computer fastly like for example, i can download zip file to my note 9 when i get fast wifi but not accessible to my laptop. Then later at home I transfer that big file to my PC with cable and fast. I still could do it with my Xr without any problems

    2. Muliti tasking 🤣 sometimes i want to write something while watching videos. I can do it in my ipad, but not in my iphone. 😅

    3. Still regarding file management, damn till now I couldn’t do like cut and paste from my iphone to my MacBook 😅. Importing media just do import without deleting the file in my phone

    3. Damn my note 9 has iris scanner, so even With gloves and mask in this pandemic I can open my phone 🤣

    So at the end, it is same, both android and iOS devices isn’t perfect. One thing that i like from ios is how Apple optimize ios for iphone 😅.

  9. Reuben Bermudez May 14, 2020

    I owned a s10+ and I'm very happy with it, but I'm thinking move to ios because iPhone camera for videos and the prices rumored for the upcoming iPhone 12, but watching this video makes me think about all the advantages Android has over ios, just the the files thing he mentioned, we don't value that on android because we have always had it… customization is another great thing to have, set up your home screen they way you wanted instead of slamming all the apps in it like ios… I won't ever change to ios maybe after all

  10. Who's That Girl May 14, 2020

    I've ways had a Samsung I have the s10 plus right now I'll never buy it iPhone

  11. zaldy ongoco May 14, 2020

    I also left android. Im also a long time android user since 2013. I used s8plus,note 8, P20 pro and S9 plus. I love the freedom on android but the thing is the smoothness that i am looking for is in the ios. I can play all heavy games in high settings without fps problem. I switched from s9plus to 11 pro max 256 gig. Apples chipset is always ahead in terms of performance among the android competitors every year.

  12. B May 14, 2020

    I am about to change to iOS this year when the 12 Pro Max comes out. Never owned an iphone, so I am preparing myself for some things I am about to miss, but I've used so many upper end Android devices, I am bored. My last 2 samsungs, Note 8 and now 9, are great but getting extremely tired of the bloatware and esp BIXBY. They added more of that crap this last update and it's collecting data all the time, I can't disable permissions on them, nor uninstall!

    Was going to go with One+ 8, but honestly, not impressed with the price and wanted them to keep the pop up camera. There's a reason James Clapper and that freak who stole Facebook (starts with a Z), cover over their camera notches, lol……

  13. Scully's House of Thrillers May 14, 2020

    I'm still on the Android team.

  14. Ryon Johnson May 14, 2020

    Android does have more features than ios. Namely Samsung. Android users tend to be mostly those who use a throw away device or cheap device to make it day to day, especially in other poorer countries. Then you have your android tech geeks who love the newest and greatest you can get on a smartphone. These people can't understand keeping a phone for more than a year or two at the most. Android Phones go obsolete really quickly. Now Apple sells its phones to the AVERAGE CONSUMER. They just want a phone that's good at what it does. Nothing more. Nothing less. Instead of focusing on more features,, they just keep refreshing and refining what works best for them 👌 finally….it helps that having a iPhone is a fashion trend with younger people, who love imessage snap chat,and Instagram. You can have a old ass iPhone xr and call a guy carrying a galaxy s20 a lame because its an android

  15. Timothy Baxter May 14, 2020

    The 11 Pro Max has a extra rear camera module too compared to the iPhone Xs also.

  16. Joey Crysel May 14, 2020

    The thing that keeps me with iPhone is the fact Apple has stuck with a flat screen instead of going to a gimmicky curved screen that I can't get a screen protector for.

  17. Edgar Vera May 14, 2020

    I use Linux as my daily driver and Android is more compatible with Linux than iOS. Android and iOS are both great OS's.

  18. Brent Gairy May 14, 2020

    I solved my iOS vs Android dilemma by carrying two phones. My 11pro max is for personal use and recording videos of the kids. My random Android phones are used for work/consulting. There is no perfect phone if you love Android – Too much choice

  19. onekoolfella May 14, 2020

    Customizations are all well and nice until something breaks and then you have to troubleshoot. That's where the nightmare begins. That's why in the corporate world, restrictions are in place to limit the customizations on your computer so that it can function as intended. Thank Gawd the days of troubleshooting a machine that had Hello Kitty or Sponge Bob as your cursor are over. But I digress.

    Yes, your personal phone you can do as you want but when stuff slows down, freezes, crashes, closes unexpectedly or not work right with other applications or worst case installed a side app that contains a virus or malware and then you have to reset your phone back to factory default. Which means you're back to square one.

    However, I do agree that multi-tasking / split screen is great to have on a phone and it needs to be a part of iOS 14.

  20. Mickael Laine May 14, 2020

    Android are like wearing a suit.

    iOS are like wearing your favorite sweat pants.

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