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We are all looking to make extra money these days, either to supplement or replace your current income or maybe even start your own side business working from home. None of these ideas are questionable or scammy nor are any of them MLMs.

I pulled this list together because I was tired of seeing the same 10 ideas everywhere. Yes, those 10 ideas are on this list because driving for Uber/Instacart/Door Dash are all legit ways to earn some quick cash but if you don’t have a car or those companies are not in your area, you need another place to turn.

Not all of these will apply to every person, some will be for people who are more artistic, some are for people who are more tech-savvy. I aimed to cover all the bases with my list, not just the jobs I would be good at doing. I will be adding to this list over time so be sure to pin it to Pinterest so you can keep coming back to it!

Also, a lot of these are things that you could turn into a career not just keep it as a side hustle. Who knows, the struggle you are currently suffering through could turn out to be just the kick in the pants you needed to change your life.


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We are a family of three (Wendy, Mauricio and Melina – Age 8), living in the suburbs of Washington DC (Vienna, VA) and getting our financial life in order! We earn a solid multi-6 figure income but in the past, we have struggled to pay for unexpected expenses and emergencies. We truly lived paycheck to paycheck even though we had a positive overall net worth because of our retirement savings.

In 2016 everything changed. We decided to get out financial act together and since that time we have gotten 1 full month ahead in our income (which means what we earn this month goes to pay next month’s bills), paid off well over $200,000 worth of debt, started planning ahead and saving for big financial expenses (like summer camp, a new car, a down payment on a house to name just a few) and we are even paying CASH for my Mauricio’s graduate school (he’s changing careers and becoming an architect!).

We believe that there is no one size fits all plan for being successful with money so we are creating our own path. It is our theory that every family should evaluate their own financial struggles and determine the root cause of those issues. For us, those issues stemmed from committing to giving without looking at the impact on our own financial situation. We did not have debt because we bought fancy cars or clothes, we had debt because we chose to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars before we actually earned it. Now when we give, we give with cash that we have saved for the sole purpose of giving.

We understand the shame and guilt of having such a large income and not having enough cash to pay for an emergency…like when the transmission on the car goes out or there are large medical expenses. We have developed a plan that works for us and we are so proud of how far we have come since 2016!

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